WRT scores 1-2 win in the wild Indy eX race

Germany’s Devin Braune claimed his third victory in the World eX Championship – the esports racing series that promotes climate protection – while his teammate Chris Overend sealed the victory with a 1-2 finish for the successful Belgian GT and sports car team.

Overend became the first disabled driver to reach the final of the World eX Championship. The Brit only uses his hands for racing – both in the real world and in the virtual one. He recently made history by winning the (real) Britcar Cup alongside James Wheatley. They became the first disabled team to win a national racing series.

“I’m really upset about the way the night went, and overjoyed to have made it to the Grand Final,” said Chris Overend after the match finished just 0.013 seconds ahead of teammate Devin Brown in a photo finish. Record from the 2021 Maastricht eX Prix by 0.005 seconds.

Overend’s second place finish in the Indy eX Prix ensured that both WRT cars were now qualified for the Super Finale at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife on December 20.

Great drive

The crippled driver showed great speed on the right from the start. He qualified 4th as the fastest pro racing driver and won in Final 1 after an intense battle with almost every other car.

P2’s Overend dropped to the back of the field on the first lap of the semi-finals, but managed to regain the fifth-best PRO racing driver position, thus moving on to the final.

Devin Braune achieved his third pole of the season on his last qualifying lap using the three cars in front of him to set the fastest time and get to nearly 400 km/h at the start and finish respectively.

The German was involved in a tense three-car battle for victory in the ESPORTS Racers quarter-finals which was won by Jerry Tomann despite rolling his ACER VERO R8G eX ZERO at the end right after contact with Braune.

Starting in the semi-finals from the third row of the grid, Braune quickly moved to the front, fighting for P1 with ACER VERO R8G’s Risto Kappet. They crossed the finish line side by side separated by just 0.038 seconds.

Chris Overend passed Devin Braune in the first of the two final shootouts on lap 2 but was unable to keep his teammate behind in turn 3 on the last lap. The crippled driver attempted to use the slip airstream to regain the lead on the starting and finishing straight but missed P1 by just the blink of an eye.

It was the third victory of the season for Devin Braune who achieved his seventh consecutive World eX Championship podium finish. “What a day for WRT,” Brown said. “I think today it was crucial that we both had great control of the car.” The

The 1,000-horsepower all-electric eX ZERO models began to slide at high speed around all four corners of the famous oval during the final laps.

Risto Kappet completed the podium in P3 for the ACER VERO R8G team driven by Romain Grosjean. Jerry Toman and Elliot Veron added to the strong result achieved by the French team in fourth and seventh places.

Rory McDuff finished fifth in the Patrick Long Sports Championship. The young American P4 lost to Jerry Toman at the finish line.

McDuff’s teammate Henry Drury showed strong pace at Indy, finishing the PRO Racing Drivers’ quarter-final in second place before crashing out in the semi-finals, also collecting NIANCO’s Thomas Schmid in the crash.

Last year’s surprise Indy eX Prix winner Nicholas Hildebrand finished sixth in Biela Racing Team EURONICS’ sole entry.

BS + COMPETITION had a tough day. Betsky-Vesser was leading the semi-final before suffering a spectacular crash by Jerry Toman. Visser’s teammate Alen Terzic was eliminated in the quarter-finals after damaging his car at the start.

2021 World Champion Martin Stefanko of Williams Esports and Lacey Sorensen of Team TK9 were other surprising victims in the quarterfinals.

I look forward

The German eX Prix at the Nurburgring on December 20 will be the last chance for Williams Esports, Absolute Racing, Patrick Long Esports and Biela Racing Team EURONICS to qualify for the Super Final on the Nordschleife which will take place immediately after the last regular round. E-Sports Team WRT, TK9 E-SPeeD, ACER VERO R8G, BS + COMPETITION, NIANCO Esports have at least one car eligible to participate in the World Championship.