World Cup, Explained: Value, Size and More Facts About the MLB Commissioner’s Cup

Commissioner’s Cup in the building. She is just waiting for her moment.

The Baseball World Cup is one of the most iconic pieces of hardware in the sport. Decorated with a circle of flagpole and a glowing exterior, it is not only one of the easiest sports, but also one of the most aesthetic.

But how much do you know about the prize that every MLB team begins to pursue each season? Maybe you know the name, maybe you know the look. But the prize is really shrouded in mystery.

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Sports news listings reveal the facts behind something of great interest to baseball’s fiercest fans.

What is the world championship cup called?

The World Championship trophy was christened the Commissioner’s Cup in 1985, although the cup has been awarded since 1967. The name doesn’t quite roll like the Stanley Cup or the Lombardi Cup, but it is not unusual for a championship cup to be named in honor of a commissioner. The trophy awarded to the NBA Finals winner is called the Larry O’Brien Trophy, named after former NBA commissioner Larry O’Brien.

How much does the world championship cup cost?

Unlike the Lord Stanley Cup, a new Commissioner’s Cup is welded each year. Tiffany, one of the giants of the jewelry industry, makes it. WSB-TV Atlanta I mentioned that a 24″ x 11″ cup costs anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 to make.

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Did the World Championships Cup go in it?

The World Championship Trophy takes on a dull gold look, but is actually made up of sterling silver, just like the Lombardi Trophy, which is also made by Tiffany.

But while the trophy platform is silver, the flags are gold-plated. So, yes, there are hints of gold in the cup.

How many flags are there on the world championship cup?

The most striking aspect of the World Championship Cup is the circle of flags that mimic the emblems that surround many of the league’s major football stadiums. There are 30 flags on the Commissioner’s Cup, one for each MLB team. If a league expansion occurs, expect the number of flags on the structure to increase in kind.

How many world championships?

The Commissioner’s Cup has been awarded since 1967. As the 1994 season approached (which was canceled through a player strike), a copy of the Commissioner’s Cup was distributed 54 times, with number 55 after that year’s Fall Classic.

History of the World Cup

The Commissioner’s Cup has been around since 1967, but the concept of a team award that embodies the Fall Classic is two centuries old.

Duvray Cup

The Duvray Cup, named after the famous actress Helen Duvray of the 19th and 20th centuries, was the first true baseball tournament. Dauvray’s connection to America’s Game was simple: she was married to a ball player – Hall of Famer John Montgomery Ward. The celebrity marriage did not last, but the award did. It was delivered from 1887-93 before disappearing without a trace.

Temple Cup

Prior to the advent of the American League in 1901, the Temple Cup was awarded to the winner of a series of top seven post-season among the top runners in the National League pennant race. It lasted from 1894-97.

Commissioner’s Cup

After seven decades of not delivering World Series hardware, MLB—in partnership with Massachusetts goldsmiths’ Belfort Jewelers—handed over the Commissioner’s Cup in 1967 to the Cardinals, who beat the Red Sox in a seven-game series. It has been introduced in every postseason since then.