Will the Feliz jump into the star-studded Short Stop Market?

Houston – once in the final of 118 World Championship Registered, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, any player eligible for Free Agent will become a Free Agent. The general managers meetings begin Tuesday in Las Vegas. The 2023 contract options must be chosen or rejected before the end of next week.

Hey, life moves so fast when you play baseball in November.

The Phyllis They won’t get a reprieve for their offseason just because they were among the last two teams to leave play. The process of defending the National League banner will begin as soon as they leave the field whether they are victorious or not.

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With one of their first decisions, they will clearly announce whether they intend to enter another star-studded short-stop market.

Because if the Phillies exercise their $17 million option for second baseman Jean Segura, that means they’ll stick with Bryson Stott in no time, starting 51 of their last 60 regular season games and 13 of 19 games after the season. But if they release Segura, with a parting gift from his $1 million buyout, they can turn Stott into second base and make an offensive play for free agent Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson. Or Carlos Correa and Xander Bogaerts, who are expected to withdraw from their contracts and enter the market.

Imagine that Turner, one of Bryce Harper’s favorite players, beats the Phillies ranking, or hits for second place between Kyle Schwarber and Harper. Think of Swanson playing his Gold Glove defense for the Phillies rather than against him with rival Atlanta Braves. Bogarts negotiated his last contract with the Red Sox when Dave Dombrowski was managing baseball operations in Boston. Can they be reunited now?

All of these options will be on if Velez moves from Segura. Otherwise, if they bring back the Segura, the main off-season focus could shift to another area, like another high-end pitcher to add to Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola.

There is at least an argument for the latter.

Segura and Stott were solid in the middle below the extension after the Phillies released Didi Gregorius. Segura makes up for the lack of power with his hitting the ball. He is the toughest hitter in the lineup, having an average of 15% well below the league average (22.7%). He had two of the biggest hits in the post-season, hitting a low and long throw across the right side to fuel the ninth inning comeback in Game 1 of the St. Louis Wild Card Series and hitting the same court for a singles run twice in Game 3 of the NL Championship Series against Padres.

And Segura, who will turn 33 in March, has He developed a close relationship with Stotbehaves like the older brother of the 25-year-old apprentice.

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But at $17 million, Segura would be the third-highest-paid baseball player after Houston’s Jose Altov ($29 million) and Texas’ Marcus Simin ($26 million). FanGraphs valued Segura at $13.8 million this year, although he lost two months to a broken finger.

If owner John Middleton agrees to keep payroll above the luxury tax threshold, the Phillies could take the $16 million they might recoup by denying Segura’s option and the $14 million that Gregorius charged for the competitive balance tax and allocate to one of the big-name short stations, All of them are likely to have net annual salaries in the $25 million to $30 million range.

Stott is a natural stopping point, though Larry Bowa doubted he would stay in the position after Phillies drafted him for 14th in 2019. But Stott worked with field coach Bobby Dickerson to improve his outlook and increase his range. After taking over as Gregorius on August 2, Stott ranked above average, according to Statcast.

“[Former general manager] Matt Klintak asked me if he could play for a little while when I saw him [single-A] About four or five games in a row, said Boa, Lakewood, and I said, “Impossible.” “I didn’t see good first steps. I didn’t see good range. I didn’t see a strong arm in the hole.

“But he’s one of those guys, if you go watch him three games if you’re a scout, you’ll say, ‘Yeah, he’s fine.’ But if you watch him for two or three weeks or a month, you’re going to say, ‘This kid is growing up on you, man. He knows how to play. He’s I changed. I told him: I changed my mind on you.”

Moving Stott to second base would not represent another shift in the organization’s thinking. If anything, Stott’s versatility will be taken advantage of. In second base, he scored three times above average, according to Statcast, up to Segura and better than his average Shortstop ranking.

“The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel,” Stott said of playing second base. “When Seiji fell and I was playing second most of the time, it got a lot better. It was obvious that every preliminary game was in second base. You kind of get into that rhythm and that feeling of it.”

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The long run to the World Championships hasn’t stopped the front office from making plans for next year. The Phillies held a round of organizational meetings in Washington towards the end of the regular season. Club officials met often throughout the post-season.

No matter how it ends up being, the offseason works close to them. Looming a decision on Segura.

And the Short Stop Market will wait for Phillies to arrive.