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you welcome in What is this USMNT guy’s deala regular series in which the Defector picks a name from the countless hot American football men who play in Europe and answers the question: What is this guy’s USMNT deal?

In the few weeks since USMNT officially qualified for the World Cup, American players have done very poorly with their club teams. Ji Rena’s cursed season ended with a bleak end; Brendan Aronson has gone from design style at Bayern Munich to the injury ward. Christian Pulisic missed two good chances to knock Real Madrid out of the Champions League. Weston McKinney is still sore, Tyler Adams and Serginio Dest are now just playing their way back into shape. For those of us who wake up every weekend to watch our kids head off to soccer mode, these are downtime. But there’s one person who just can’t stop scoring, so in the name of optimism, now is the time to explore the Jordan Pefok deal.

Pefok plays for Young Boys, which is the name of a club in the Swiss Super League and not necessarily a description of the said team’s roster. Born in Washington, D.C. to Cameroonian parents, though he moved to France when he was just two years old, joined Reims academy and worked his way up to scoring Ligue 1 goals for the club by the time he was still. a teenager. Reims bounced back and forth between League One and Two, though his 2017-18 breakout season, in which he scored 17 and made seven goals, was so good that he ended up selling Rennes for $11 million. As such, Bivok got on the radar of the French national team system, whose first team was on track to win the 2018 World Cup. The Americans also wanted to bring him in that summer, though he refused, and focused on his big transfer. He’s played and scored for France’s Under-21 team, and there’s a version of Pefok’s career where he’s rapidly developed, cemented himself as a Ligue 1 stud, and is known only somewhat by American fans as a what-if.

Instead, Rin’s move fumbles and changes Bivok’s trajectory. He scored a European goal for Rennes, although he struggled to replicate the sparkling form he had at Reims. Like many other American players, Pefok has thrived during the pandemic. He was loaned to the two-time Swiss Super League champion Young Boys, where he immediately returned to the top. Pefok has been a consistent size scorer for the Young Boys in both the league and European competition. He scored 15 goals and four assists last year when the Young Boys won the league again, but he has outdone himself this season with 23 goals and five assists this season. The US came again, and Pefok has been in the striker’s catch bag since his USMNT debut in March 2021.

A note on the label: Bivok was born Theoson-Jordan Siebacheu (the Jordanian part is a tribute to Michael) and, for a while, was gone by Jordan Siebacheu. However, he has worn his mother’s maiden name Pefok on the back of his shirt for years, and in 2021, Asked That everyone calls Pevok.

The Weston McKennie Mamma Mia Test points to the following foolproof guidelines for determining whether an American player is good or not on our pink American standards: Do fans gently tweet about them in their local language?


Pefok is a physical striker, scoring most of his goals from close range, often with his header, and often after beating a defender or ignoring pressure. He is 6-foot-3 and athletic, which makes him an excellent target. His highlight reel is rather amazing for how consistent it is. There’s Pefok, waiting in the penalty area, scoring a cross or a swerve from a few feet in front of goal. Certainly, that level of production has something to do with the competition, although it is worth noting that Pefok has a very solid record of scoring in European competition, with goals against Atalanta and Manchester United in the Champions League this year, and a brace against Leverkusen. Last season.

There is often a dismissive attitude towards targeted attackers, players who score by being in the right place at the right time rather than strong individual displays of skill. If one looks at Pefok’s scoring output cynically, one can claim that he is just a straight dealer, someone who can score many relatively direct goals thanks to being in a winning squad who can comfortably generate tons of threatening possession. But Scoring goals is the most important part of footballAs a top scorer for half a decade, Pefok has excelled on a number of teams. His daring ability and mediocre skill as a ball creator or dribbler limit his cap, although he excels in an important role, and he doesn’t necessarily need Erling Haaland to be in an open space to be a valuable striker at a very high level.

The Wonderteen Index is a comprehensive, objective measure that analyzes a player’s full range of skills and talents, summarizing them all into a single number that corresponds to their ultimate potential and probability of earning the title of Wonderteen.

Pefok turns 26 this month, which is a drawback, but his team is called Young Boys, so that’s a plus. Combined, get 901 of 1,241.

It’s not inconceivable that Pefok could continue to score against much better competition, simply because his combination of size, speed and finishing ability is elite. On the right team, someone who is eager to shoot crosses and set up shop on the edge of the opponent’s penalty area, Pefok looks like he’d be a great fit. The problem is that he’s not a particularly dangerous opportunity generator for others, and his limitations as a technician hold him back somewhat. However, he has scored good goals against some of the biggest clubs in Europe, and since he has already established himself at the level of the Champions League, the question about his ceiling is not whether he belongs to the biggest club competition in the world, but about how ambitious a team he can do. something.

The Euro-American Legion is absolutely ridiculous with its right back, Enough to store a full eleven. It is therefore important to determine whether or not a USMNT worker of the week can play the position.

Favorite foot: Right. Notable In: Interference and Interception. you already know, He can play at right back.

Here’s his quartet against Lugano.


And here is his victory in the 95th minute against Manchester United.

Pefok doesn’t quite fit in with the team’s style. Berhalter requires consistent pressure, especially from his attackers, and has tended to favor attackers who are conductors rather than sharp objects. Jesus Ferreira settled in right away, for the time being, as he is mostly a hybrid attacking midfielder and striker, and can therefore facilitate and score (in theory, anyway). The USMNT also prefers to attack both on the run and from the flanks. However, Pefok is a very useful changing pace player for the USMNT, whose physicality is difficult to handle if he enters a game in the 60th minute. If the USMNT is knocking on the door but unable to score, then Pefok is basically the perfect player to include. In fact, Pefok’s only USMNT target was exactly this type. In the Nations League semi-final against Honduras, USMNT was clearly the better team, even though they looked slow and struggled to score despite all the possession and danger. Bivok came on as a substitute and scored the winning goal with his head in the 89th minute.

The striker’s position, as we’ve written several times here, is the most open starting point in the team, and Pefok is definitely a moot point. At this point, I have no idea where things will actually shake up and who will be on the plane to Qatar. Pefok may not be a key player in every game, although he does seem like an ideal player at least to turn him in, as he requires a lot of defense and can put direct pressure on goal at times when the USMNT is most needed.


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