Ty Gibbs wins his first NASCAR Xfinity Series بطولة

Ty Gibbs wins his first NASCAR Xfinity Series بطولة
Scores second NASCAR title for GR Supra with victory at the end of the season

Avondale, Arizona (November 5, 2022) – Toyota GR Supra driver Ty Gibbs won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) Championship on Saturday with a season-ending victory at Phoenix Raceway. The Gibbs Championship marks Toyota’s fourth and second consecutive Xfinity Series driver’s title.

Toyota Quick Facts

• Gibbs has won seven races, has 16 results in the top five and 23 in the top ten in 33 races to claim the 2022 Xfinity Series Drivers’ Championship.

• Gibbs is the second Toyota GR Supra and is the fourth Toyota driver to win the NXS Driver’s Championship. In addition to Gibbs, Daniel Suarez (2016) and Kyle Busch (2009) also won the Xfinity Series titles for Toyota in the Camry, while Daniel Hemrick (2021) took the title in the Toyota GR Supra last season.

• Toyota has achieved 190 victories since joining the Xfinity Series competition in 2007, 40 of them in the GR Supra.

• Gibbs is the Player of the Year winner and is the youngest driver in NASCAR Xfinity Series history to achieve 10 wins.

Toyota quotes

TY Gibbs, No. 54 Monster Energy Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

How did you put all the chatter behind you and provide the address?

“First I would like to say thank you to my team, my pit crew. Everyone did a great job. They put us here. Great work for my team. I know what I did last week is unacceptable, and I apologize again. It was unacceptable because we could have had on two shots to win this deal, and that was stupid from an organized standpoint. I’m going to sit here and tell you I’m sorry as much as I can, but it won’t fix it. I have to fix my actions. Today I feel like I had a good race. We made some good moves. Me and 7( Justin Algaer) We’ve been racing hard. Hopefully we can put on a good show for you fans, thank you for everything you guys are doing.”

Chris Gale, Chief Crew, #54 Monster Energy Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

How proud are you of this child after this week?

“Yeah, just think how hard it must be, how flexible you must be after going through this last week. The hardest thing for him was all the things that led to him, man. When you got between those two walls on a track The race, that’s where he shined today, man. There were three or four moments where he could have panicked, he could have gotten himself into trouble, he could have gotten someone else into trouble, and man, he did a job. Gorgeous like this all day long.”

Tony Muller, Vice President, Integrated Marketing Operations, Toyota Motor North America

“For the second consecutive season, we are celebrating Joe Gibbs Racing as NASCAR Xfinity Series champions, this year with Ty Gibbs. Toyota’s partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing spans 15 years and together we have had huge success both on and off the track. The opportunity to add another championship to the list of accomplishments We have a beneficial for everyone inside the walls at Toyota and TRD. Congratulations to Ty and the entire JGR organization.”

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