Three men found guilty of killing Kimani Martin in Tividale taxi shooting

Three men have been found guilty of killing a teenager who was shot to death whilst sitting in the back of a taxi. Kimani Martin was blasted by a shotgun from as little as three meters away on Dudley Road East, Tividale in the early hours of June 20 last year.

The 18-year-old collapsed on the seat of the cab and was later pronounced dead in hospital, while two people he was with fled the vehicle and have never been identified. According to a witness one of them said: “My bredrin has been shot in the head.”

Four people identified to be the occupants of a stolen Volkswagen Golf, from the gun was fired, which were arrested. Following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court Kisharne Campbell, aged 24, of no fixed address, was found guilty of murder. He had confessed to having been the shooter and had already admitted manslaughter.

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Atif Khan, aged 25, of Park Lane East, Tipton, was also convicted of murder. Usman Amjad, aged 22, of no fixed address, was found guilty of manslaughter, while Luke Adams, aged 20, from Greenside Way, Walsall was found not guilty of murder and acquitted.

The jury deliberated for more than 25 hours before returning their verdicts earlier today, Wednesday, June 22. Sentencing will take place on Wednesday, June 29.

It is believed the shooting was a retaliation attack for an ‘abduction and robbery’ which took place an hour or so beforehand. Opening the case prosecutor Edward Brown QC said: “In the early hours of June 20 last year Kimani Martin was traveling in a taxi with two companions. He was in the rear passenger seat sitting behind the driver.

Kimani Martin

“In the space of a few minutes he was targeted, found and shot dead. The fact that he was targeted didn’t come out of the blue and whilst the reasons for his killing go back a little in time, it was shortly before 1.30 am in Dudley Road East the car he was in was attacked.

“The car behind started flashing its lights. It was a stolen blue Golf. Kimani Martin and his two companions were clearly worried as to who it was in the car as it stalked them. They told the driver to speed up.”

The court was told taxi driver Raja Zaman pulled thinking over after hearing a bang and it was a burst tire, at which point the Golf drew alongside and Campbell shot Mr Martin. Found on the seat next to the victim was a phone and gold ‘KASH’ necklace belonging to Campbell; a drug dealer believed to have been robbed my Mr Martin some-time prior to the incident, the court was told.

The prosecutor added: “Something clearly had happened before. Perhaps up to an hour before. It may well be that the groups met up by agreement for some sort of transaction.

“Then either as planned by the abductors or those intent on robbery or perhaps on the spur of the moment they took advantage of the circumstances and as a result the defendant Kisharne Campbell was robbed.”

He told the court a person was kept against their will and eventually released. All of which in turn unleashed their “determination to take revenge.”

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