Think you are frustrated? Here’s how Crosby feels about the recession

cherry Sidney Crosby has seen a lot since joining the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2005.

He’s known for the unbridled joy of winning three Stanley Cups, the rage of losing five consecutive playoff series and just about everything in between.

However, Crosby admitted after training the Penguins on Sunday at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex that he wasn’t despite several frustrating stretches like 0-6-1 slack His team will play its game in Washington on Wednesday.

“No one comes to mind,” he said. “It’s definitely there.”

Although the Penguins’ slippage has more than a few confusing aspects, the most striking one is that it came right on the heels of the 4-0-1 season start. This means they have gone from getting things done roughly as they like during the first week plus season to getting one meager point in seven games with almost no transfer.

“It shows you how hard the league is, how hard it is to win,” Crosby said. “You look at some of those games (the first five) … there are probably different points in those games where the game could have turned out either way, and we found a way to turn it in our favour. We didn’t find a way to be able to do that, fully, from During this (current) extension.

“The seven games, there are probably two or three games where you look at them as if we deserved to lose those matches. The others, look at them, we did everything but we won them. It’s hard, when you put yourself in those positions to win and you don’t find a way to close it.” “.

In fact, the Pittsburgh Penguins have been ahead during the third inning in two of their past three games, and tied in the second. They have lost two of those in regulation, the other in overtime.

Crosby, of course, understands that there is no share of adversity—whether in the form of injuries, crushing losses, or anything—that every team has to fill, and then be relieved of hard luck until the counter is reset for the next season.

However, he believes hitting a tricky spot in the fall isn’t as problematic as it happens a few months later.

“Early in the year like this, you might look at it a little differently, just because everybody could look at it as an opportunity,” Crosby said. “When you deal with adversity early in the season, it’s one of those things that you look at[like]and you think, ‘Well, you better go through this now than in February. “

“It’s not something you want to go through, and obviously seven games is not what I’m talking about, but I’m just talking about adversity in general. You have to find a way to get through it.”

Crosby did not mention specific examples of offensive opportunities squandered or defensive tasks missed, such as those made Brandon Tanev A goal-winner in Seattle’s 3-2 game on Saturday is possible, during the slump, but he noted that playing an error-free game is not a realistic goal.

He suggested that the goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins was to avoid them in the moments when the outcome of the game was decided. And to force the opposition to make some instead.

‘You will make mistakes’ Sidney Crosby He said. “Mistakes are going to happen in hockey games. It’s their timing. There are a lot of factors. We have to keep working hard and earn our bounce. And win wins somehow.”