The Cubs had a trade agreement with Wilson Contreras for the Astros, and Dusty Baker voided the deal

Jed Hoyer said after a very quiet trade respite that the Cubs I didn’t get the type of offers They needed to move Wilson Contreras or Ian Hap, but this may not be the case. As reported by Jeff Bassan following Houston’s second world title in the past six years, the Cubs and Astros He had an agreement on direct trade Contreras for the right beginner Jose Urquidi. The deal has never had the royal blessing, in large part because of that Dusty Baker view it.

This opposition came from the manager’s stated desire to maintain harmony at the club and maintain a team-first approach. And so General Manager James Click was bypassed as owner Jim Crane had more influence in baseball operations with people like Baker and Jeff Bagwell Get his permission to GM’s displeasure. Click certainly won’t be back next season, but Baker’s explanation is it’s a pretty weak sauce.

“As much as I love Wilson Contreras“Urquidy was one of our best shooters at the time,” Becker told reporters. “I needed a guy who wouldn’t complain about not playing every day. And that’s his [free agent] general. See, this is difficult. When you trade to a player in his country [free agent] general. It’s all about numbers and stuff, and I can’t undoubtedly blame them. But that’s not what we need.”

Although he didn’t say it, it’s possible that some of Becker’s objection came from the fact that Contreras’ value comes mainly from his offensive prowess. Defense First Trading Team Christian Vasquez Then he started hitting the light Martin Maldonado In five World Championship matches, he could be considered a great candidate to add a bigger racket behind the board, but they clearly appreciated their players’ abilities as game managers.

The Mets failed to meet the Cubs’ asking price for the exact same reason, plus they were I still feel stingy last year Crowe Armstrong House massacre. It didn’t go quite as well for them as it did for the Astros, did it? Now back to Cubs, who never felt any urgency to extend the All-Star start three times and they Ready to move in a different direction in the catcher.

Had the trade passed, it would have certainly been much more for the Cubs than they would end up receiving in compensation for a qualified offer. Contreras Now a free agent A new deal could theoretically be struck in the next five days, which is the exclusivity negotiation window before players can talk to the other teams, but it seems very likely that he will turn down QO and seek a bigger contract elsewhere.

Once signed with a new team, the Cubs will get a compensating pick after the second round of competitive balance in the 2023 draft. That’s a pick somewhere in the 75-80 range, not exactly a huge value. Urquidy has a 3.74 ERA over 342 MLB courses and is expected to earn $3.2 million in judging with two more years of ARB eligibility after that. He will turn 28 in May and would have provided more depth in a rotation that didn’t have much consistency last season.

Not that any of that matters now with the water under the bridge or over the dam, but I think it confirms a lot of what we’ve been thinking for a while now about how the Cubs and other teams see Contreras. This does not mean that he has number Valuable, just keep in mind that it won’t be much appreciated by teams with a certain script cast – whether it’s highly opinionated veterans or youngsters who need a soft hand. While every team wants to squeeze as much production as possible from every aspect of the game, philosophies differ on how best to achieve this.

For example, it might have been better for a team like the Mets to sacrifice some blocking skills or game management for the offensive boost that Contreras would have provided. Max Scherzer Perhaps he has found a way to see eye to eye with a fiery brace that does not retreat from his discolored gaze. Heck, Scherzer might have welcomed more bragging at the club, and you know it would be in favor of anything that makes the team better.

As for the Cubs, well, I have to think their decision was solidified when their patchwork team did very well during Contreras’ weeks in IL late in the season. It wasn’t just a matter of owning Ian Gomez Going back there every day, but the improvement was more than a coincidence. While something surprising could still happen to keep Contreras in Chicago, his departure seems as close to a reality as possible.

To that end, I hope he can go out and get paid somewhere as long as he’s not in St. Louis. I also hope the Cubs bring another game management support that meshes well with a team that should improve a lot from a combination of external extras, internal development and better health.