The Human Brain Runs Way Hotter Than We Ever Realized, Scientists Find

From the engine in your car to the components in your laptop, mechanical systems tend to heat up when they’re working harder. Now new research has revealed that the same can be said of the brain – and it runs hotter than was previously thought. Some parts of the deep brain can get up to … Read more

Anorexia Can Lead to Dramatic Changes in Brain Structure, New Study Shows

A devastating and potentially deadly eating disorder, anorexia nervosa exerts its toll on the body. However, a new study also highlights the impact of a lack of sufficient nutrition can have on the brain, by reducing critical measures of brain structure and health. Based on a total of 1,648 female brain scans (685 with anorexia … Read more

A novel study hints at a surprising link between eating fish and skin cancer

Eating fish has long been considered a healthy thing to do but a new study is causing people to reconsider this long-held belief. Research has found that eating more fish may be linked to higher skin cancer risks, according to a media release published on Thursday. An association that requires further investigation “Melanoma is the … Read more

$400K grant to speed high-performance computing, advance research

Installation of computational equipment for Mana HPC. A second high-performance computing (HPC) cluster at the University of Hawaiʻi has been seeded with a $400,000 National Science Foundation grant. Much like the existing HPC, Manthe new cluster called Koa will serve as a free inter-campus resource for advancing research in such areas astronomy, chemistry, oceanography, bioinformatics … Read more

Study reveals the benefits of using thalidomide in patients with severe arteriovenous malformations

The same properties that caused birth defects when it was given to pregnant women, the inhibition of blood vessel formation (anti-angiogenesis), have led to an interest in thalidomide’s therapeutic utility in other fields. At the annual conference of the European Society for Human Genetics on Sunday, Professor Miikka Vikkula, from the de Duve Institute, Université … Read more

Making the metaverse: Dal researcher tapped to help shape the next step in internet evolution – Dal News

Back in October Meta — the company that owns Facebook and Instagram — outlined its vision for the next evolution in social technologies, otherwise known as the metaverse. Since the announcement, it has been difficult to avoid debate as to how this merging of the physical and digital world will play out and affect our … Read more

Triple dementia risk associated with multiple heart-related conditions: Research | Health

According to a largescale new study, having multiple conditions that affect the heart are linked to a greater risk of dementia than having high genetic risk. Led by Oxford University and the University of Exeter, the study is among the largest ever to examine the link between several heart-related conditions and dementia, and one of … Read more

Genomic analysis provides a deeper understanding of DCIS biology

A new study led by the global Cancer Grand Challenges PRECISION team, including researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, shifts the long-held belief that all invasive breast cancers following ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) arise from the original DCIS lesion. The results, published today in Nature Geneticsdemonstrating that roughly one in … Read more

Detailed genetic roadmap of glaucoma will help develop new drugs to combat the disease

A new, detailed genetic roadmap of glaucoma – the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness – will help researchers developing new drugs to combat the disease, by identifying potential target areas to stall or reverse vision loss. The research, one of the largest and most detailed stem cell modeling studies reported for any disease, is … Read more