Super bowl performances from indiana cattle

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The first pitch is about to be rolled out in what could be considered the Indiana State Livestock Show World Championships. 36The tenth The annual Hoosier Beef Conference is scheduled for December 2-4 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. More than 860 people are registered to show a wide variety of … Read more

Crosby looks forward to continuing to cook against the Flyers in the Thanksgiving showdown

Sidney CrosbyHis drive to succeed was one of the defining characteristics of his 18-season NHL career. And one of the biggest fuel providers for this inner engine comes when the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar center appears a few hundred miles to the east. “It’s just a game you always feel like there’s more to it,” Crosby … Read more

Luongo stars as a presenter in HHOF Legends Classic

toronto– When Roberto Longo left the ice at the Scotiabank Arena on Sunday, a reporter asked him a serious question: What has been the most memorable moment of his hockey career? Luongo gave an unserious answer on that not-so-serious afternoon. “He scored two goals today,” Longo said. Luongo will be inducted into the Hockey Hall … Read more