Jim Crane: Astros ‘in discussions’ with GM James Click on deal

At a press conference to welcome the return of Dusty Baker as Director of Houston Astrosteam owner Jim Crane rounds out questions about general manager James Click, saying he is “in discussions” with the world championship-winning general manager about a new deal. Click’s “lame duck” status continues to falter on the organization after his contract … Read more

Joe Davis, Fox’s World host, to call the Bills-Vikings with Daryl Johnston, Pam Oliver

New from calling the Houston Astros’ six-game win over the Philadelphia Phillies for the World Championships, Joe Davis will be the play-by-play announcer on Sunday afternoon between the 6-2 Buffalo Bills and 7-1 Minnesota Vikings on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate. The Bills-Vikings game is the only Sunday game in which both teams have a … Read more

Dynasty! Love them or hate them, the All-Time Team World Champion Astros

HOUSTON – Spectators were dressed in orange under the glowing ceiling of Minute Maid Park. The train over Crawford’s boxes was whistling. Around the stadium, a small crowd of jubilant players turned into a heap of writhing festivities. For the second time in franchise history, Houston Astros They are world champions. This time, they were … Read more