Soaking up a little golf starts with two simple keys, according to this outstanding coach | instructions

When looking at how average golfers play, Will Robbins, a golf performance coach and one of Golf Digest’s top educators in California, says there are two mistakes nearly every amateur makes—and the reason for that is the same mistake: unrealistic expectations. “If you want to suck less, you have to expect less,” Robbins says. Many … Read more

Tom Kim’s Spectacular 2022 Now Includes an “Official” Meeting with Tiger Woods (and Sharing the Lead on Day 1 at Champion) | Golf news and tour information

NASSAU, Bahamas — Tom Kim looked devastated on Tuesday afternoon. He had just lost to US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick in the final round of the champion shot, a seven-man exhibition in which players hit wedges to a target floating in the middle of a pond between the 9th and 18th holes in Albany. When … Read more

Lee Trevino: I “guarantee” you’ll fix your chip with one of these 6 tips | instructions

Lee Trevino is a legend of the game in every sense of the word. He is possibly the most colorful golf character ever. He’s probably the best ball striker of all time, too. And with six majors, he’s a first-class Hall of Famer. Merry Mex turned 82 this week, and he remains a fixture on … Read more

New Study Reveals The 3-Part Brain ‘Secret’ That Can Help You Play Better Golf | instructions

Most golfers love a nice early morning round. Fresh dew on the course and not another golfer in sight. The only problem with getting up early to play golf is, well, the getting up part. It’s hard for most golfers not to get dizzy, especially during early morning rounds. And as we all know, a … Read more

Golfer’s Solo Hole Made More Painful By TikTok | This is the episode

I was scrolling daily on TikTok when a video popped up across my For You page. It showed golfer Bobby Moriarty living every golfer’s nightmare – he punched a hole-in-one during a singles round of golf. Usually this is similar to the old question about the tree in the forest: If a golfer got a … Read more

Taking love lessons from a 50-year-old news serial

Jenny Graham and Bob Duckett talk about the Club Q tragedy involving a victim with domestic connections. Could the latest mass shooting change anyone’s mind about gun control laws? Fifty years ago, The Tulsa Tribune ran a four-part series on interracial marriage and dating: “Because both are so emotionally packed, the names used are fictitious … Read more

This Grand Champion Sees the PGA Tour-LIV Golf Conflict Differently | Golf news and tour information

MELBOURNE, Australia – Adam Scott and several of his countrymen competing in the Australian Open this week were asked what they made of Recent comments from Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods that LIV Golf CEO (and fellow Australian) Greg Norman “needs to go” before LIV and the PGA Tour get together. But Scott, a former … Read more

PIP’s perfect response to Max Homa, Colleen Morikawa’s tumultuous wedding and golf match Video of the Year | This is the episode

Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we have acceptance. I’m not a turkey man. And I’m even less of a Thanksgiving leftover guy. There, I said it. Man, it’s good to let go of my chest, even if I risk a backlash from Big Turkey and its powerful supporters. Not that it would … Read more

Ranking Adjustments, Wishbone Brawl, Rory’s Blood Sugar & More | Golf news and tour information

Given the tour’s limited resources, why give $15 million to the semi-retired guy who’s already a millionaire and then $28 million more to the three guys (McElroy, Spieth, Thomas) who constantly say it’s not about the money? Looks like PIP money would be better suited to touring Korn Ferry and securing the talent pipeline? @employee … Read more

Former major champion Jeff Ogilvie is more than just playing golf at the Australian PGA Championship | Golf news and tour information

Brisbane, Australia — Geoff Ogilvy wears two hats at the Australian PGA Championship, and wears them well. These days, the 2006 US Open winner is a part-time Tour player at most. But you wouldn’t know it based on its below-average score [68, 72] After 36 holes at the Royal Queensland GC. He is eight shots … Read more