Ranking the top 10 games from the MLB 2022 qualifiers: Astros’ World Series wins, Phillies’ NLCS chaos, and more

The Houston Astros They are the champions of the 2022 World Championship. The Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 6 on Saturday to claim their second title in franchise history. Thanks to the closing of the owners and a new 12-team post-season coordination, this is the newest Major League Baseball ever played. The World Championships never ended so late on November 5th.

There was 40-40! Postseason matches played this year thanks to the new 12-team format. These 40th post-season games are by no means the record. The record is 53 post-season games in 2020, although that was a pandemic short season with 16 teams in the post-season. In an entire season, yes, 40 postseason games is the record. The previous record was 38 in 2003.

Now that the postseason period is over, let’s rank the top 10 games as of October. You might think these ratings are very subjective, but they are not. This is 100 percent correct.

This was a fairly low event streak (both teams averaged 6.8 runs per game in the series) and the ninth inning of Game 3 was far from the series. The Yankees took 5-3 lead on the ninth, But because coach Aaron Boone didn’t want to use the closest Clay Holmes on consecutive days shortly after injuring his shoulder late in the season.Rookie Clark Schmidt took the call. The guardians Combine five hits together for a home-and-back win.

Prior to this game, the Yankees were 167-0 all-time in the postseason when they took a multitasking lead in the ninth inning. When your franchise history includes great all-time closing widgets like Goose Gossage and Mariano Rivera, blowing multiple customers into the ninth inning of post-season games isn’t something that happens. I did it in Game 3 of this year’s ALDS.

What is the riveting ball game. The Astros pushed a round across the top of the first half but Phyllis He prevented them from putting in a crooked number, then Kyle Schwarber tied the match with two pitches at the bottom of the first. The game stayed close to late innings before Tre Mancini and Chas McCormick put on superb defensive plays to stifle the Phillies.

This game really has it all. Early attack that gave way to dueling shooters, clutch hits, and formidable defense. There were no lulls at work. From start to finish, this was compelling.

This was really more of a great ride than a great game. Zach Wheeler and Jose Quintana dueled until Juan Ypez broke a goalless tie with Homer in the seventh game twice. The Cardinals led 2-0 in the ninth inning. And that’s when the Phillies put together an amazing six-game winning streak against the All-Star Ryan Hillsley closest to stealing the win.

It’s amazing that the Phillies did this to the Cardinals instead of the Cardinals doing this to the Phillies. No disrespect for the Premier League champions or anything else, that’s the way things usually go with these two franchises. The Cardinals make a miraculous return and the Philis face a catastrophic collapse. In Wild Card Series Game 1, the roles were reversed.

This was the most enjoyable World Championship since 2019 and it started with a race. Velez erased an early 5-0 deficit against Justin Verlander, the two teams traded zeros in the late innings (thanks in part to picking up Nick Castellanos to save the game), then JT Realmuto knocked out game-winning Homer to the right field. The top of the tenth. It didn’t matter in the end, but stealing Game 1 after falling behind 5-0 against Verlander was pretty good.

Realmuto and the Phillies handed the Astros their first post-season loss in the first game. They’ve been 7-0 up to that point, which is less than the longest winning streak ever to start the post-season. only 2014 Royals They did better. They started 8-0. However, six teams in post-season history have started with at least six consecutive victories, and only the 2022 Astros have won the World Championship.

The second player not to strike in the history of the World Championship and the third only in post-season history. This game doesn’t rank higher because let’s face it, the mixed players aren’t quite as great as the single hitters, plus the game wasn’t particularly close. The Astros took a 5-0 lead in the fifth inning and the match wasn’t in doubt after that. All the attention was on the hits column on the scoreboard, not the playback column.

The four pitches: Christian Javier (six runs) and lighters Brian Abreu, Rafael Monteiro, and Ryan Presley (one in each half). They hit 14 and walked three, and frankly, there was nothing particularly close to a Phillies hit. These four Astros pitchers have surgically selected the Phillies lineup.

Marking Verlander for six runs in four rounds is a great way to keep up the good vibes after a great comeback to win the Wild Card series (more on that in a bit). Unfortunately, the good feelings for . did not last sailors. The Astros eliminated a 7-3 deficit in the eighth and ninth inning, as Jordan Alvarez hit Homer from three runs. Good Jolly:

Alvarez’s blast turned his 7-5 deficit into an 8-7 win and, believe it or not, was the first two-kick knockout (Homer or otherwise) to turn a multi-kick loss into a win in post-season history. . In fact, only once before in a postseason has a player bumped into Homer with his team up to one round with two in the ninth. This was of course Kirk Gibson’s iconic explosion in the first game of the 1988 World Championships.

This was a thrilling Chaos series between two Chaos teams. There was good defense and bad defense, big celebrations, monsters returning, and business. This game featured seven first-half runs alone, as well as seven half-time runs scored in five of them. Velez came back from a 4-0 hole in the first half and the two teams combined to use 13 bowlers.

ALCS has been so boring this year. The Astros swept the Yankees in a series that wasn’t quite as competitive. MLB must have just given the Astros goodbye to the World Series and made parents And the Phillies are playing the best series of 14. It could have been more fun.

Even Homer Alvarez in the World Championship Game 6, was the Bryce Harper guard going eight games ahead against San Diego the moment he signed the 2022 Postseason. Star player doing star player stuff to help his team grab the flag. This is the kind of home running you’ll be seeing on premium reels for years and years and years to come:

This game was a lot more than just a big run at home, too. The great Juan Soto had a massive run on his home ground and then there was also the Seranthony Domínguez stadium meltdown with the help of rain. Padres turned his 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 lead thanks to Dominguez’s three onshore pitches in the seventh inning, then Harper turned back.

I’m not sure there could be a more exciting way to win your first postseason streak in a generation, and b) a painful way to end your season. The blue jays He advanced 8-1 through five innings and it looked like these two clubs were headed into a winning game take all 3. Instead, the Mariners scored nine runs in the final four innings to win the game and grab the ALDS berth, sending the Blue Jays home into the holiday season.

The seven-stroke comeback marks the second biggest comeback in post-season history with 2008 red sockswho came from behind with a score of 7-0 in front of rays In game 5 of ALDS. The biggest post-season comeback dates back to 1929 Athletics. They were 8-0 behind Cubs In Game 4 of the World Championships, then rebound for a 10-8 win.

The regular season series was very one-sided. The Dodgers He went 14-5 against Padres and outscored them 109-47, or 3.26 points per game on average. San Diego then killed the Dragon in the NLDS, sending Los Angeles home in a five-round run in the seventh inning. It is by no means an exaggeration to call it one of the biggest roles in the history of the Padres franchise. Josh Hader hit Mookie Betts, Trea Turner and Freddie Freeman in 10 pitches in the ninth inning to put an exclamation point on the win.

According to winning teams, the NLDS was one of the biggest upheavals in baseball history. Padres’ 89-game winning streak sent the Dodgers 111 wins, and the 22-win margin was the largest in a turbulent post-season streak since 93. white socks He defeated 116 Cubs wins at the 1906 World Championships.