Ranking of the top 10 job opportunities for masters

Golf lovers, it’s time to get rid of your resume.

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Golf lovers, it’s time to boost your resume. Augusta National is hiring.

Yes, tradition unlike anything else enhances its temporary workforce unlike anyone else, and if you’ve been looking forward to getting a taste of how sausage is made at golf’s most beloved event, now is your chance to see your dream come true.

The openings span the gamut of the Master’s daily operations, from food and drink to trade and hospitality. Below, find our ranking of the top 10 job opportunities available (and if you find yourself interested, Here’s how to apply).

Top 10 Masters job opportunities, ranked

10. Welcome

Maybe I’m just claustrophobic (well – me A.m claustrophobia), but the few most stressful moments in every Masters for me are the ones I spent in line waiting to get into the mammoth cargo facility. In my experience, “welcomers” are little more than a friendly form of crowd control, keeping crowds in their proper poses before launching them onto the shopping floor. This job requires a good mood and very A firm hand, but those who do it well will find themselves in the heart of Championship Week.

9. Sales employee

This is one Extremely Depending on the location, but assuming you sell some of the best equipment, life as a salesperson is pretty good. Basically, your job is to help people find the right size and gear for their loved ones, but your proximity to the products gives you a good understanding of what’s popular in tournament week.

8. Treasurer

One of my favorite salon games of Masters week is asking the merchandise center teller what their biggest sale is. Most have paid at least one neighborhood fee of $15,000, if not several (Master’s Fever is trulyO people). Sure, there’s pressure to attract clients at an efficient pace — not to mention deliver the unfortunate news of a customer’s final spending — but hey, at least you’re not training the ground!

7. Stalker merchandise

Retail life without any human interactions – it’s a dream! Yes, you’ll probably spend most of the week shuffling a thousand hats on the floor, and no, you might not be able to see as much of the championship life as it happens around you, but you’ll probably get your first dips (and steep discount) on whatever majors you prefer. more. That’s not half bad.

Merchandise inventory knows what’s selling Masters Week, like these figurines.

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6. Barback

As anyone who’s been a shed before knows, it’s tough, exhausted work. But for wealthy and ostensibly generous clients, it’s also a job that pays well in professional advice and interactions. Masters, as we know, have no shortage of wealthy or well-connected clients, which makes this an ideal role.

5. Culinary runner

There is one line in the job description that makes this entire opportunity worth a try: “The Culinary Runner distributes food and supplies to all concession facilities, maintains sanitation for all storage areas and Operate a golf cart and/or full-size vehicle, following all legal and club safety regulations.

This is the people Creams of creamsThe opportunity to roam your way Augusta National at Masters Week. Sure, you might not see any of the golf courses, but does it really matter?

4. Cook line

The role of the cook, as those who have worked in the restaurant industry know, is not to make the most delicious foods in the world, but to make the best foods in the world. Trustworthy food. A good cook will know how to make the same dish look and taste exactly the same way, every time. As for hospitality, that could mean any order of dishes, but as someone who has already eaten a lot of them, I can assure you that all of them are delicious.

Bonus points: You may learn how to make Augusta National bacon while working this job, the most delicious form of bacon known to mankind.

3. Overnight sandwich preparation

Weird watches, but you’ll know how to make them Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwiches for the rest of your life. Do we need to say anything else?

2. Barista

(Usually) a pleasant business, in a pleasant place, with interesting clients. Personally, I’m not happier than I am when I get my coffee in the morning. When do I get the coffee (with the Cookie Masters, of course) that I’m about to bring on my morning walk around Augusta National? Well, that’s the happiest thing I’ll ever do Ever is being.

1. waiter

Azaleas are the drink of choice, but with a selection from the top-shelf bar and thirsty customers, a skilled bartender can witness golf’s greatest championship—and carry the boat in tips for doing so. it’s a Difficult Work, don’t get me wrong, but in a master’s it’s worth it.

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