PS Vita Edition: YoYo Loader (GameMaker Studio Loader for PS Vita) by Rinnegatamante



Developer Rinnegatamante has released YoYo Loader, a GameMaker Studio launcher for PS Vita. This allows you to play any GameMaker Studio game on your PS Vita. The loader uses similar concepts to some previous developer versions such as This War of Mine, loading and debugging the ARM7 binary.

Some of the most popular games made with GameMaker include Undertale, Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight and Hyperlight drifter.

What is YoYoLoader / GameMaker Studio Launcher for PS Vita

From the developer:

YoYo Loader is a loader for, the official GameMaker Studio Runner app for Android, for the PS Vita. YoYo Loader works by loading an ARMv7 executable into memory, resolving its imports with native functions and debugging it in order to run properly. This makes it possible to play any game created with GameMaker Studio.

What is certified

Game type Compatibility
Android Bytecode
# c5f015
Android YYC # c5f015 Native
Computer/Console Bytecode #1589f0 Yes
PC / YYC Console #f03c15 No

For games exported from PC/Console, you will need to do an asset swap with an empty project exported from Android with a Game Maker Studio version similar or equal to the game you want to try to play.

Note that bytecode corrections may still be required to fix resolution, input, or performance issues. No game has been reported as # c5f015NativeInstead, it will work with a simple drag and drop of the apk.

A comprehensive compatibility list can be found here: You can contribute to it by opening a release here:

Knowing Rinnegatamante’s track record, chances are we’ll see the compatibility improve dramatically, very fast.

Make your own homemade PS Vita drink with Game Maker Studio

According to Ren, yoyo loaded Compatible with almost every GMS game out there, including those built with the latest and greatest version of GameMaker Studio. This means that you can now create your own Vita homebrew games using GMS. (And other platforms, too, obviously). You can buy GameMaker studio for example from Humble Store (affiliate link).

Download YoYo Loader for PS Vita

You can download Yoyo Loader (GameMaker Studio Loader for PS Vita) from developer github here.

As a reminder, you’ll need a hacked PS Vita to run this and any other home product on the console.

Setup instructions (from the readme file)

To properly install the bootloader, you must strictly follow these steps:

  • Install kubridge and FdFix by copy kubridge.skprx And fd_fix.skprx to the taiHEN extensions folder (usually ux0:tai) and add two entries to a file config.txt under *KERNEL:

Noticeable Do not install fd_fix.skprx if you are using the rePatch plugin

  • fixed libshacccg.suprxIf you don’t already have one, follow this guide.
  • Toys must be put inside ux0:data/gms/GAMENAMEwhere GAMENAME It should indicate the name of the game, in the form of an apk file renamed as game.apk. You can get all the required files directly from your phone.
  • Inside the loader, you can also find a feature, by pressing Triangle in the game selector screen, to optimize the apk. This feature will improve the compression of the files inside the apk so as not to cause stuttering and loading issues and it will also remove any unnecessary file thus reducing the size of the final apk.

source: vitaDB


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