Penguins / Kraken Recap: Pens can’t buy a break, and you lose the seventh in a row

before the match

Neither Teddy Pleuger nor Jeff Carter is healthy enough to play, but the Penguins are lucky that Jake Guenzel is able to recover from his illness to answer the bell and open it in its natural place.

The first period

Everything seems to be plotting the envelope against the pens at the moment, Brian Rast measures a shot and lets it go. He beats Martin Jones but hits the post and somehow survives.

Shots at the first end are over 12-10 Pittsburgh, it’s a good period but they didn’t get results and they didn’t get out of it.

second period

Sidney Crosby continues his run of great play and opens the scoring 5:24 in the second half by pushing a slap shot to the far side down on Jones.

The lead barely held for two minutes until Vince Dunn rose from his defensive position after winning the confrontation to defeat Tristan Gary and tied the score 1-1.

Shots per second are 15-9 in favor of Seattle, who turned the ice and advanced after Crosby’s goal, but we move on to the third.

third period

About halfway through the third inning, Guentzel pushed the pens up the lead with a shot all the way from the left wall that might have just been getting the puck on the net for Rust to tackle, but found his way into the net to give Pittsburgh. Fore again.

The Kraken gets a lucky bounce when it finds the Yanny Gord’s imp in the slot. He quickly settled on it to answer back on Pittsburgh’s last goal and tied the game at 2.

With only 3:34 left in the game, former Penguin Brandon Taniv won the ball for Kraken by finishing off a pass from behind Gord’s net. Brian Dumoulin goes down but fails to block the opportunity and makes it easier for Tanev to score the winning goal once the ball reaches him.

That’s what he does with this one, with the pens dropping to 0-6-1 in the last seven.

some ideas

  • Looks like ballpoint pens have run out of answers for now. Rust didn’t score on the first close call, and the disc only bouncing straight into Gourde pretty much includes this game. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going right, and unfortunately, this is one of those times.
  • The pens are pretty much gone with 10 forwards tonight, the continued absences of Blueger and Carter looming with their lack of confidence or Drew O’Connor and Sam Boleyn using too much (both under seven minutes of icy time).
  • Isolated on Brian Dumoulin in both third-half goals against W, Oy. not beautiful. How long will he stay in a special role? He was the fourth defensive side in ES TOI, they’ve already started to shake him off, but Dumoulin can’t stay on the ice and keep the disc off the net right now. It’s a major issue.
  • Crosby scored his 900th professional assist in the third period, his first assist since October 22 (and not coincidentally the last pens win). It sometimes seems that when it reaches a milestone like this, there is a delay and then a breakthrough. Hopefully this is, although first-line production is the least of Pittsburgh’s concerns at the moment.
  • Penalty killings in Pittsburgh went 3/3 for what became the rare night they wouldn’t allow a goal with this unit. On a night where you have to dig deep to find some positives, this is at least one.
  • Every time the Pens advanced 1-0 and 2-1, Seattle answered quickly. When the team has difficulty, it is a problem when they return the lead to the right-back. Gary saved 34 balls in the night and generally kept the team in it, but given the circumstances you would really like to see him stop that Dunn shot, for example.