Oscar 2022: a rainbow of dresses



Everyone says “GAY!”

We’ve covered the ladies who decided to be serious and the ladies who decided to be sensitive, but we’re not going to lie here; We’ll always love ladies who look more daring and boisterous. Let’s take down the Oscars 2022 cover sets and wrap things up with these colorful, fun, and sometimes eye-catching bags.

Amy Schumer in Oscar de la Renta


We’ll never love trompe l’oeil bows but freak out over the sleeves, which needed a bracelet or something.

Aunjanue Ellis in Versace

Orange is an unusual color for the Oscars red carpet. She would look great in it no matter the design, but this women’s dress is stunning on her. In a way, it doesn’t seem overrated or stressful. The message embroidered on her shoulder is a tribute to her late mother Jacqueline, which is really nice.

HER in Carolina Hererra

We hate mini skirts with trains, but the shape is so sexy and the color is so dazzling that we don’t really care about it here. Besides, the dress would be nothing without it.

Jennifer Garner in a Brandon Maxwell dress

It is a cute design and the color looks great on it. The way she pretends makes it look like she’s uncomfortable in it but we can’t see any proper exposure or issues from where we’re sitting.

Marley Matlin in Monique Lhuillier

Beautifully pleated, streamlined dress with all the influences in its colour. There have been a lot of necklaces worn with the wrong necklines this year, but we kind of love the pop this outfit gives.

Maya Rudolph in Valentino

That’s cool, but he needs a necklace.

Megan The Stallion in Gaurav Gupta

It’s prolific and evocative in a really attractive way. We just hate the side parting, which took this from an Iris van Herpen-like fancy dress to something that looks awkward and lopsided. Gorgeous color, though.

Naomi Scott in Fendi Couture

What a wonderful luxury design. We think our favorite types of gowns right now are those that combine the Renaissance or Golden Age with sci-fi couture elements. She looks like a priestess of a fantasy world. We can understand the desire for minimal design, but this large and lively jewelry is suitable for a pope.

Niecy Nash in Monsoori

We think it’s funny that once she got married, she completely ditched the body dresses that defined her style. Niecy’s got a wife now (as her paw will testify). She doesn’t have time or need for underwear anymore. Fortunately, she hasn’t given up on her bold and playful style preferences.

Queen Latifah in Pamela Roland

We like this very much in a different shade. This lemon yellow is tough and does not portray well.

Reba McIntyre in a Dolce & Gabbana dress

Who can argue with any of that? It’s a perfect dress for her. This is why D&G rules the red carpet despite its problematic past. They really deliver merchandise to a wide range of celebrity clients.

Rosie Perez in Christian Siriano

Gorgeous color, great design (the stomach panel is ingenious), and the impeccable fit. Siriano does it again.

Tiffany Haddish in Dolce & Gabbana

We don’t like the statue, but everything else is great. Stunning color, great fit, great jewelry. We love that it’s a sequined design, which we don’t see enough of on the red carpet. Lupita wore one, too, although we’ll be blasphemous and say we like this one more.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Carolina Herrera

We can’t begin to tell you how much it pains us to say this, but Tracy Ellis Ross had the second worst dress at the Academy Awards (Jesse Buckley was the worst). Mouse ears are a terrible design and ditch the fit at the bust. It looks like the whole chest is ready to collapse.

[Photo Credit: [ABC, Michael Baker/A.M.P.A.S., Michael Baker/A.M.P.A.S., Abby Grant/Cover Images/]


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