Larry Fitzgerald walks into the NASCAR Cup arena to start the championship race

The Arizonans are used to seeing Larry Fitzgerald’s defenders on the football field, but today he’s leading a fiercer and faster group.

Pro Bowler served 11 times as the Honorary Speed ​​Car Driver for the NASCAR Cup Series Championship, pulling a fleet of some of motorsports’ top athletes behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry.

Fitzgerald grew up as a Jeff Gordon fan and had his fair share of track time in NASCAR. He’s served as a rider traveling nearly 200 mph on the Talladega Superspeedway, while also making trips to Charlotte Motor Speedway and Phoenix Raceway, but this will be his first championship weekend experience.

“I’m happy,” Fitzgerald said. “This is the fourth time I’ve been out to[Phoenix]but not as extensively as I am now. You get a kind of behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on to make this race so special. It’s really unique and I’m excited to be here.”