Lady Montano captures Machel’s rise to fame in a new book, The King of Soca



As Machel Montano celebrates his 40th birthday in music, the first book chronicling his rise from the boy who was too young for Soca to King of Soca is about to be released.

King of Soca is the title of the book written and published by his mother, Elizabeth “Lady” Montano, the ultimate insider.

King of Soca is the first release of Lady’s publishing EESM imprint. It covers Machel’s evolution – man and artist – over four decades.

From her exceptional perspective as the “ultimate insider”, Lyde details the characteristics and stories of Machel’s various artistic eras. She shares the highs and lows of her son’s journey against the backdrop of the evolving inner world of the soca legend, which shaped his outward expression.

The book is based on Lady’s 2018 master’s thesis “Making Monk Monk: Creativity and Industrialization in Popular Culture in Trinidad and Tobago”.

At first, Liddy was tempted to build on her for her Ph.D., but decided to reverse the academic path when she realized her intention was to make it more affordable.

Even with a solid foundation for her 2018 thesis, it took a lady two years to come to fruition. Commenting on the process, she said, “I started writing the same book in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was closed and I was in Toko. I thought I would finish it quickly because it was all in my head and I simply had to edit my master’s thesis. However, Once it stopped being an academic project, the possibilities for what I could include now suddenly became endless.”

Elizabeth “Lady” Montano

“I’ve always been able to see what a book looks like. I was disappointed when I couldn’t include all the pictures, anecdotes, pictures, and other special things I wanted in my post. So seeing the book really take shape created a renewed vision of what it would be like. I’m really grateful to the different teams that You work with me to bring my words to life.”

Lady Montano believes this biography will resonate with anyone interested in learning more about Machel.

“I am fully aware of Machel’s constant transformation and the extent to which he has opened my mind about inclusion,” she says. “So while it is said that you should work with a specific target audience, a particular niche or a particular demographic for your product, I am convinced that this work will provide a true, revealing, and poignant description of my son’s life in music for anyone who is open to receiving it,” she adds.

Forty years in any industry is not easy, but it is a particularly prominent milestone in the field of music, and more so in the context of the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago specifically.

Quite apart from the lady’s unquestionable interest in building the legacy, there is, for her, a sense of urgency in sharing the first forty years of Machel’s story now. She sees this forty year as “the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. One is still taking shape.”

“Celebrating 40 years in music is unbelievable to me, and to have a book chronicling this journey was something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams,” Machel says of the book’s 2022 release.

“I am honored that this is happening and I am really excited for this story to be told by one person who knows me so well. My mother and I have been in so close contact at every turn of this wonderful journey that I know her account will be so lively and so inspiring to all. Thank you” Madam “Best mother, manager, and friend.”

Soka King’s official launchThe autobiography, set to take place in Trinidad in June 2022, is one of a number of initiatives planned to celebrate Michel Montaño’s 40th anniversary in music.

Pre-orders forking of sokaIt will soon open to the public. Interested parties are encouraged to follow @kingofsoca via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates or email for more information.


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