Jeremy Mayfield details the raid on his house

Mayfield hinted that NASCAR played a role in the raid following an alleged failed drug test

Back in 2009, multiple sports were fighting drug issues. NASCAR elected to create a drug policy. However, in the initial policy, drivers weren’t given a list of drugs they couldn’t take.

On May 9, 2009, NASCAR suspended Jeremy Mayfield. They noted the driver tested position for meth.

Mayfield reguarly stated that he was on adderall.

Back in 2009, Mayfield stated, “I believe that the combination of a prescribed medicine and an over the counter medicine reacted together and resulted in a positive drug test. My Doctor and I are working with both NASCAR consultant Dr. David Black and NASCAR to resolve this matter.”

NASCAR’s Dr. Black stated, “What we have is a clear violation of policy. In my many years of experience, I have never seen a violation like this due to the combination of over-the-counter or prescription products.”

Professionals noted that the percentage found in Mayfields test would make him a chronic user and he would likely be dead. Others noted that there’s a 15% error rate in the test.

On July 1, 2009, a judge temporarily lifted Mayfield’s NASCAR suspension after reviewing evidence. On July 15, NASCAR noted that Mayfield has failed a drug test for the second time. Mayfield continued to appeal and the case was on it’s way to a federal judge.

A month before the appeal of his NASCAR suspension at the federal level, there was a raid on Mayfield’s house…

Jeremy Mayfield discusses the raid on his house

“It was obviously separate. But, when you get to discovering everything and you find the first 5 inches of paperwork, it’s all NASCAR stuff,” Jeremy Mayfield stated via the lengthy Dale Jr Download of the incidents with NASCAR being followed by a raid on his house.

“We appealed (the NASCAR suspension) and felt real confident that we were going to win. All the sudden, a guy comes through my shop, on my property that wasn’t suppose to be there.”

“He was a local guy that came in. He was always trying to sell something. I found out what the guy was all about. I said, ‘Look, you don’t need to come back around here. You’re not welcome here.’ “

In the past, Mayfield has already purchased a boat, truck and some other things from the guy. However, he learned the items were likely stolen. That’s when he told him not to come around.

“I hadn’t seen him for a month or so. Here he comes and just walks right by me, straight to the shop. ‘That’s kinda weird. He knows not to come in here, now what am I going to do?’ “

Seconds later, all I hear is, ‘Here they come.’ “

“There was people coming out of the bushes, out of sliding door vans. All blacked out, faces covered, AR-15s, I mean just coming from everywhere. It was probably like 80-90 people.”

“I’m thinking, ‘Something bad is going on here. Somebody broke out of prison and he’s hiding here or something.’ Because nobody told me at this point in time, there was no sheriff, nothing.”

“Finally, a guy comes over and shows me a search warrant. ‘We’re looking for a stolen piece of scrap metal, like a plate.’ I had probably $30,000 worth of copper on my rollback that we’re getting ready to go sell.”

“I said, ‘Y’all can go look for it. But, this is kinda big for a steel plate.’ It got worse from there. It was a long day for me.”

28 charges

“I still have no idea what some of the charges were. I had 28 felonies after it was all said and done, I went to jail 5 times after that. Every month, I was going to jail for that raid.”

“They actually came back a week later and raided me again. Couple months go by, I gotta turn myself in.”

“I bought an auctioned speaker system from that boy that I was telling you about. It was supposedly stolen. I got possession of stolen goods.”

“4 counts were a minimum of 10 years a piece, I’m looking at 40 years in front of the judge. It was ‘larceny of a trailer / aircraft’, I have no idea. Still to this day, I have no idea.”

Drug charges

“I’m watching them pour all the cereal out of the boxes, just tearing my house apart,” Mayfield said.

“I had a safe full of a bunch of guns. Collected guns forever. They wanted me to open the safe up. Nowhere on the search warrant did it say, ‘We’re going to search your safe.’ It said, ‘We’re looking for a stolen piece of scrap metal.’ “

“We go back to my safe. I open it up thinking, ‘I haven’t done anything wrong.’ They said, ‘Ok, now you need to go back on the front porch with your wife.’ “

“My wife just got out of the shower. They threw her on the ground and put her in handcuffs, face planted to the floor for no reason. They were going to kill my dog. He was barking. They said, ‘If you don’t shut your dog up we’re going to kill it.’ “

“I opened the safe up. 45 minutes later, a guy comes out, ‘You know what I got here in my hand? We found meth in your safe.’ I said, ‘You didn’t find that in my safe.’ “

He said, ‘But, we don’t want to take you to jail Jeremy. We need you to call one of these people on this list.’ That means, they come over sell me drugs and they arrest them.”

“I read the list of names, I didn’t recognize nobody on the list. … At that point, I’m starting to get a little bit mad.”

“I said, ‘Oh, I just thought of somebody.’ I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m going to go ahead and say it. Because I was pissed and I had a good idea where all this was coming from.”

“I said, ‘Probably the NASCAR garage area. That would be the only place I know.’ Just being mad and pissed off at NASCAR. I probably never should have said that.”

“That’s when he said, ‘Lock him up.’ “

“The judge let me out. I didn’t have to go to jail.”

Rejecting plea deals / NASCAR appeal

Of the 28 counts, Mayfield pleaded innocent to 26.

“There was two counts of possession of stolen goods, that I admitted to and told them I had. Just like a pawn shop, I’m sure somebody around here has bought something that was stolen, not knowing.”

Mayfield was handed plea after plea deal, he consistently rejected them and requested that they remove any felon charges.

That went on for 2 and a half years. For one, I didn’t wanna be a felon or go to jail.”

“We go to the NASCAR appeal. They open with, ‘Mr. Mayfield just got arrested for meth.’ How are you going to win that?”

“Even though they shouldn’t have based it off that. It had nothing to do with it. Basically, we lost our appeal. It was over after that, as far as NASCAR goes.”

Jeremy Mayfield never returned to NASCAR.

Jeremy Mayfield details the raid on his house


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