How does the PXG’s $219 driver stack up?

New PXGs 0211 Driver

Ryan Barath

Buying a new driver can be expensive, especially when it comes to buying one from a major OEM – but with The launch of the 0211 line of mineral timberPXG offers brand name gear at great value prices.

But the obvious question is how these lower-cost clubs stand up to the competition, and today we have your answer.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty and numbers, let’s let Bob Parsons begin his take on the 0211 clubs.

“You get so much more than you pay for! These putters represent a well-thought-out design that eliminates all distractions while utilizing high-quality materials and advanced technologies to help make the game easier and more enjoyable for golfers across the board.”PXG founder Bob Parsons

Removing distractions is exactly what PXG has done to help cut unnecessary costs from the design – right down to removing any of the PXG adjustable weights from the design.

Driver face PXG 0211

Ryan Barath

But they take advantage of the trim by bringing back things that really matter, like the raw materials used to make the head and shafts that are offered as part of the $219.99 introductory price. (PXG offers a wide range of shaft options for an additional fee, depending on the model.)

PXG introduces the Diamana S + column

Ryan Barath

The 0211 driver uses premium 412 titanium face with a variable thickness design to improve ball velocity over surfaces and maintains the standard PXG adjustable hose to allow for top and face angle adjustments to help start and spin right where you need it.

Initial impressions

Out of the box, you’d be hard-pressed to believe the 0211 driver was under $500. From the packaging to the cap and grip, all components are on top, and there’s no skimming on the head finish either.

Driver head cover PXG 0211

Ryan Barath

Heck, the PXG hood from their own site is $35; They could have decided not to include that and charge extra money for it and me resident Don’t think golfers would mind, considering the starting price of the club.

Alright, so I know why you’re all here. Come on Ryan, we got it, let’s get to the numbers

Test and results

I took the 0211 driver to the range with my GCQuad to see how it stacks up against my daily numbers – and I have to say, I liked it.

PXG 0211 tested using GCQuad

Ryan Barath

The usual ball speed numbers hover around 155-158 considering I’ve been using range balls (Look, I might golf but I still wouldn’t be pumping a bunch of brand-new premium balls into a group) Visibility was anywhere from 154-156 with impressive and basically on par with go-to drivers in the same conditions.

I found the spin was a little higher compared to the transition drivers, at a few hundred rpm, on the shots hitting the bottom of the heads. But those shots stayed well on the line and kept the ball speed. Chalk it to another beat.

Low face kick still maintains ball speed

Ryan Barath

What does all this mean? If you are looking for a brand new custom driver without breaking the bank, I highly recommend giving the PXG 0211 a shot.

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