Houston fans have waited hours for Astros World Series gear

Steve MacDonald witnessed the overall Houston AstrosFranchise history.

Regardless of the first team World Championship In 2017, the 2022 group – who defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to secure their second Commissioner’s Cup in Houston – ranked first in his favorite Astros seasons. So when Ryan Presley was forced to fly to Kyle Tucker to claim victory in Game Six, it was an easy decision to make his way into the academy and join the crowd seeking uniforms for the World Championships.

Once Jeremy Peña was named World Player of the YearMacDonald jumped in his car and began honking in celebration as he made his way to the Academy at 2404 Southwest Freeway. A fan since 1962, evident in Colt .45 clothing, then waited in line nearly wrapped around the entire building.

He had been slowly wagging toward the front door of the shop for nearly two hours, still had ways to go to get inside. He didn’t care, though. For MacDonald, it was all about getting the championship experience with his fellow fans.

“We wouldn’t have been in such a long line if it wasn’t so much fun to celebrate,” MacDonald said.

McDonald – who had a list of at least 10 family members to fetch items – is looking forward to launching the team Special Edition World Championship T-Shirts With Gold Letteringas happened after the 2017 title race. He made the mistake of picking the soon-to-be Astros player at the time, but is confident there will be a safe option at least once on the current roster.

“First World Championship shirt with gold, I got it [George] Springer. “And he left shortly after that,” MacDonald said. So when they go out with those again, I think I’ll get Jose Altove– Because I don’t think he’s ever going to leave Houston.”

Miguel Marroquin has been a fan since he was a kid too, cheering for the Astros for nearly 25 years. He was planning on picking up a world championship jersey and hat, and maybe a commemorative pin. Like McDonald, though, the decision to wait in line until the early hours of Sunday morning had more to do with being part of the moment than about being about to make purchases.

That’s the thing, the experience. Everyone is in the same boat here with you,” Marroquin said as the car horns blared in the parking lot. “Just going downtown…Everyone was so crazy and so excited. It was amazing. Just feeling really cool.”

Marycruz Bazan—who is originally from the Houston area, but felt her fan base really took off while pursuing the team with her roommates at Stephen F. Austin—concurred. She planned to buy a hat, but would settle for a T-shirt if the store wasn’t available, heading straight to the Academy from the Friends Giving event where she watched the stars complete their championship.

“When we got there, the line was literally up to the back,” Bazin said. “Now, two hours later, we’re almost here.”

Danny Ruiz made the decision to drive to the store straight into the final. Even after he started earlier than most of his fellow fans on the scene, it took him over an hour and a half to get to the front of the class. Once inside, he said he was planning to stock up on all kinds of World Championship gear, adding, “I’ll take anything and everything.”

For Ruiz, the excitement surrounding the Astros — especially compared to the Houston Rockets and the Houston Texans — gave him reason not to worry about facing the crowds. “It’s fresh air compared to our other sports. We’re not doing very well,” Ruiz said. “That’s what it is, but the Astros are definitely a breath of fresh air.”