Framber Valdez presents in 2022 Qualifiers, World Championship

HOUSTON—The boot run was instantly wiped out by a double play, almost the most Framber Valdez How to start the game 6 of the world championship. Valdez’s struggle to find the strike zone earlier in his career tested him and helped make his maturity to become one of the best players in baseball a better story.

Valdez, on the biggest start to his career, answered the call by pressing Velez for a one on two-stroke run and two walk while hitting nine strokes in six innings. led the Astros to 4-1 . win At Minute Maid Park on Saturday night, which Won the world championship title He helped cement the place of the left in the Houston tradition. Valdez went 2-0 in the fall of 2022 and joined Jose Orchidi (three) as the only Houston pitchers to win multiple World Championship games.

“It was fantastic,” said Josh Miller, Astros throwing coach. “He has been fantastic all year and was really special in the playoffs. He had a hiccup in the half against Seattle and that was it, and he threw the ball really well.”

Valdes went 3-0 with 1.44 ERA in four starts after the season, including 2-0 with 1.46 ERA and 0.89 WHIP in two World Championship wins over Velez. In 12 1/3 of the rounds at the Fall Classic, he gave up two rounds of six hits and five walks, hitting 18 hitters. Valdes could easily have been the most valuable player in the world بطولة If rookie Jeremy Pena doesn’t steal the show.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” said Astros player Lance McCullers Jr., who would have started Game 7 had the Astros lost Game Six. Two games for us. I mean, I thought he could be a better player. Peña had a great season after season and an amazing world championship. Ryan Pressley could have been a better player. So many men came up for us.”

Valdez never let Velez’s runner advance to third base until Kyle Schwarber led the sixth inning with Homer’s solo into the right field. It came back to retire the next three hitters – Rhys Hoskins, GT Realmoto and Bryce Harper – and was pulled after 93 shots. At the top of seventh place, the Astros were leading 4-1, and Houston’s airtight gang shut the door again.

“That’s a good team out there,” Schwarber said. “You tip your hat to them. They answered right away. And they didn’t slow down. You tip your hat to her. I felt like [Phillies starter Zack Wheeler] It was really great tonight. Framber was doing whatever he wanted there. Their turn, which had been great all year, came and closed the door. You tip your hat to these guys. They hit us fair and square, right? There’s nothing you can say.”

Valdez, with a beautifully-functioning curve-ball and cover combination, hit five consecutive hits across the third and fourth rounds, tying Sandy Kovacs (the first game in 1963) as the only left-hander to have at least five consecutive hits in the World Championships. Game. Included in this sequence was Schwarber’s 97.4 mph diver in the third which was the third fastest step of his career.

“Framber was our best shooter,” said Astros Musk player Martin Maldonado. “He was throwing the ball really well. We made some adjustments in the game, especially with the use of the pitch. They were looking at the curve a little bit more, and we attacked them with the heater. He was throwing 97, 98 with this tailor.”

Valdes’ performance at this year’s World Championships helped him erase memories of last year’s disappointing Fall Classic, as he missed 10 runs and only made three of his 4 2/3 total.

This served as a trigger when he returned to the world championships this year as a man equipped and motivated to lead Houston to the championship.

“I’ve said it before, it’s my mentality,” Valdez said. “My mentality is different this year. I’ve been improving my character on the court, in the game and my practice. It’s a different focus. This year it’s more focus and more intensity in every show and that’s it.”