Dusty Becker wins the 2022 World Championship

Dusty Baker followed his usual pre-game Saturday morning routine with the name Houston Astros It sat one win away from the second championship in franchise history.

The Astros manager stopped by his favorite Rice Village café as he left his house, and did a few errands before heading to Minute Maid Park. Becker repaired a pair of shoes, then his dry cleaner stopped them. The Avid music lovers Then he tossed a pre-game playlist as he drove to the stadium, which Baker said Saturday included the Big Mama Thornton song “Hound Dog” from 1952. Just hours before One of the biggest games of his lifeBecker’s pre-routine remained a relatively normal one.

Becker’s daily schedule is hard to come by due to his historic success across a career unparalleled in MLB history. Baker’s life in baseball spans more than 50 years. He was a two-time All-Star player as a player with 242 times over 19 seasons from 1968 to 1986, and he ranks as the ninth all-time winner of a regular season by a manager after 25 seasons. Baker won the World Championships in 1981 as a Dodgers player. Four decades later, his career reached its climax with his first championship as a coach, as he beat Velez 4-1 on Saturday in Game Six.

However, neither Becker’s statistics as a player nor his impressive managerial record reflect Becker’s influence on the sport over the past half century. Perhaps no living character has come so close to the game’s recent history, with Baker serving as the Forrest Gump of baseball. Baker was on board when Henry Aaron hit the 715th in April 1974. He was in the dugout in 2001 when Barry Bonds set the record for one season on home soil. Baker played with Orlando Cepeda (born 1937) and directed Jeremy Peña (born 1997). He befriended 62-year-old Satchel Page as a freshman in Atlanta in 1968, absorbing knowledge from the Negro leagues legend 33 years older than him. It is impossible to tell the story of baseball’s history without referring to Baker’s contributions as a player and manager.

It is no mystery why Baker has been a central figure in dugouts and clubs since the late 1960s. Few coaches in history relate to players so easily, from seasoned veterans to novices. Baker brings a personal touch to a game that is now highly formulaic, and while publishing his own rules of the game can elicit criticism, his management of characters is not very popular.

Baker checks out Michelle Obama and Snoop Dogg as personal friends. Often club and batting practice, it is considered one of the leading snack purveyors among managers in a given game.

He runs with tangible joy and has high confidence in his players. The Astros have also searched for a new manager yet shooting AJ Hinch In the wake of Signal theft scandal In 2020, Baker was chosen by team owner Jim Crane to lead the team. After three years and a lot of sarcasm, it’s hard to say Baker was anything but the perfect choice. When the ALCS Cup was handed over to Crane on the field at Yankee Stadium in late October, the Astros kicked out a “Dusty!” hymn. It was clear who thought it was worth raising the hardware first.

Saturday’s win marked the culmination of Becker’s career, a 44-year journey that featured 16 playoffs and eight finishes. He became the oldest manager to run a World Championship game in 2022, and is just 101 wins away from moving up to sixth on the all-time list of managerial wins. However, even after a career-defining victory and amid an uncertain contract situation, Baker doesn’t seem to be done yet.

A baseball player in every sense of the word, he has a simple explanation for his historic success dating back to 1968.

“I stay hungry.”