Devils Outlast Flames, 4-3 win in overtime

The first period

Calgary scored 81 seconds in the game. Lewis went to catch the ball and the ball rebounded and Lewis got it on Kadri’s stick with half of the net open and tapped it.

Jack Hughes got the second shot from the Devils flying on the left side for a confrontation in the Calgary area.

The demons didn’t take long to respond. After the confrontation, the Hughes/Pratt line had some puck movement in the Flame Zone. Hughes turned quarterback for Wood and Bastian and slipped a cent between the legs to Bastian for the equaliser. Hughes looked like himself in this game already.

Siegenthaler broke 3 on 1.

Some good action done so far in the first 6 12 Almost non-stop minutes. Very good game so far.

Lindholm almost got a first-class chance, but the disc was jumping over his stick

Marino made a fine pass to Hescher who skated past the flame nets and directed it to Tatar, who bounced off his sled and swept the ball to Zetterlund who tapped it to lead 2-1 for the Devils.

The Flames had two first-class chances along with my destiny to settle Severson, but Dobby missed the best chance over the net.

The Devils would then receive their first penalty kick of the match, as Lucic was called for Hughes’ stumble in the neutral zone. Lucic and the Flames didn’t like the call, but I don’t know what they were expecting when Hughes fell after Lucic’s wand was in his sleds.

The Flames were very good at winning board fights on their PK along with winning 2 faceoffs for an effective kill, other than a point shot which managed to get past it.

Once again, Hughes’ Line and Fourth Line were buzzing in the flame zone, and the flame received another punishment. McLeod to the penalty area to interfere with McLeod.

This time the Demons won the confrontation and got a shot, but the flame cleared up a bit after the confrontation that followed, and it was cleared again on the Demons’ next entry attempt. The demons would gain the streak but won’t get any high quality puck move, except for one close chance for Wood, but he had to reassemble the disc and he was knocked away. Flame killing punishment. Killing them looks pretty good so far.

The fourth streak decided they were good, and McLeod and Wood went on the ice. McLeod turned it over to Wood, who tapped it with two goals.

second period

Zetterlund and the Devils had 3 on 2 but the pass to Hischier . was broken

Pratt focused on Hula and shot her away

Boqvist was checked by Hanifin in the corner, giving the demons their third game in the game

The first minute flames effectively killed off, but then the demons were prepared and the disc was flying around. Hamilton wasn’t afraid to shoot this power game.

The Flames got a 2-0 in the other direction after the power game ended. Severson came back but Coleman got the pass to Hanifen. Vanecek made an ironic save on the first shot but the rebound went straight to Lindholm, who scored an easy goal to cut the lead in the first half.

Siegenthaler was stuck and then took a penalty in front of goal. Mackie had a chance up front as the flames erupted after the 3-2 goal.

With the start of the force play we got some feedback on Sal. Vanecek saved his head, took off his helmet, and stopped playing.

Hischier was a 1-on-1 shorthand and Markstrom stopped him, and the disc flame snowed.

With 27 seconds left for Flames power, Haula Cross checked Backlund, giving Flames a 5 on 3.

Calgary had a 1 shot in 5 on 3 which was saved by Vanecek and then purged by demons.

With 57 seconds left on the second PP, there was buildup in the crease.

Demons kill the rest of the force game to keep the bullet intact

Markstrom turned the ball around and Mercer focused on Bockvist, who hit the post with a backhand, and Markstrom dropped the net from the anchors.

Wood Ritchie was called high stickiness, Wood was called high sticky too, which I haven’t seen.

4 on 4 had some mayhem, including Sharangowicz’s takeaway in the flame zone, but there were no targets. At the end of 4 on 4 Hughes went 1 on 2 and passed it to Wood who snuck inside but was saved by Markstrom.

Amanda Stein notes that Severson hasn’t had a turn since Lindholm’s goal.

The Tatar was caught by Lucik and got a push from Weegar. They dropped the gloves but the referees got in the way.

third round

Hugh Hughes on a pass to Hisshere wide open

Hula entered alone but couldn’t get his first demon

Coleman passed the ball to Zadorov, flying into the net, which was overtaken by Vanishk to equalize

The Flames almost scored again but Vanecek was on his way.

The demons hadn’t had any cycling in the flame zone for a very long time.

Pratt used his speed to get a breakup, then Hughes did the same, Markstrom stopping them both times.

The power game has killed the demons in this game. 0 goal, led to 1 goal against him, killing all their 5v5 momentum.

Bockvist was alone in a right-sided shot and Markstrom got it with the gauntlet.

McLeod walked in alone and shot wide

Hescher almost had a chance to play with 3:50 left in the standings but Zadorov equalized.

The list ended with the game 3-3. So that each team gets at least one point.

over time

Calgary took a penalty so Vanessek went to the bench for 4 on 3. Hughes fired on the delayed penalty. And Markstrom made the elbow save.

The power play began with Hamilton, Hughes, Pratt, and Hisshire

Zetterlund came to replace Pratt

Hisshere hit the post

Hamilton passed through to Zetterlund, who fired once at Markstrom. Demons win, sweep the road trip in Western Canada!

last thoughts

The start of the match was great. The Devils conceded a goal, then scored 3 while outwitting the flames in the first half. Then they lost their momentum and the flames took over. The 3-2 goal was terrible and the Devils lost all their 5v5 momentum in heavy play, not scoring as hard.

The game of strength doesn’t have to be great, and you don’t have to score as often compared to other teams, you don’t want your game of strength to sap your momentum as is often the case with these fiends. the last two years. We hope they find out.

Severson must have been aware of the situation at the end of the power game, and I have no idea what Marino was doing. He fell to the ground, well, things happened. He got up again and lazily skated past Lindholm, who was alone in front with Marino several feet behind, absolutely undisturbed to get a free click in. Not a play I want to see again.

But in the end, the Devils held the match 3-3 in the third difficult period and won it in overtime.

Unfortunately, this game is the end of the Pratt score streak. It was a nice run though.

While we’re here, I think Ruff should consider switching Haula and Boqvist in the lineup. Alex wrote about how Bockvist has had good numbers on the ice this season and I think he’s always had good numbers with good players. I think it makes sense that Bukvist would be in a round 6 higher than Hula.


It’s now two in the morning and I’m really tired and need some sleep. Leave your thoughts on the game in the comments below, and thanks for reading.