Contreras is officially a free agent, major changes to an off-season date, new rules and other Cubs numbers

Here’s a weird thing about the season that just ended: We just saw our last MLB game without a ground hour. As with extreme transitions and smaller bases, though I think we know the pitch hour will be the most obvious and most notable change. At least for the first week or so — if it happens the way it does in minors, according to everyone who watches Minor League Baseball closely, we’ll stop noticing the clock after about a week. All we notice instead is that the game feels a lot crispier, faster and without a lot of dead time.

  • Also with the season over, Wilson Contreras is now an official free agent. The Chicago Cub is, as of this moment, not returning for the first time in his professional baseball career. Sad thing. There is still an issue of the qualification bid (coming Thursday), but that seems like a formality at this point. will decline this offer, and Then start negotiating with other teams. Most likely, today is the “day of his departure”.
  • Wade Miley is Cubs’ other free agent as of today, and Drew Smyly will follow if either side rejects his mutual option on Thursday. Jed Hoyer has indicated his interest in bringing both leftists back, although The rumors were much stronger on Smyly’s face.
  • There are three very big date-related changes this year and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to see them, so I mention them in several places.
  • The first is smaller but very noticeable: instead of you having 10 days to decide on a qualified offer, this year it only takes 5 days, For John Morosi. This means that we will know beforehand or reject eligible bids by Tuesday, November 15.
  • The second one is a big one. it’s a I mentioned yesterday, and subsequently confirmed by Jordan Bastian: Friday 18 November *IS* Deadline for new tender. This is what used to be on December 2, but has now been moved further afield, which actually makes a lot of sense (many players at the refereeing level had to wait the entire first month of the off-season before knowing if they were going to do it. Be free agents or not). So, by next Friday, teams will have to decide which players they want to bid for contracts for 2023. This applies to players who are under the team’s control but have not yet signed a contract (ie, pre-arbitration level and refereeing players). Players eligible to referee are discussed here.
  • And the third is another big thing, which is that the deadline to put base 5 qualified prospects on the 40-man list to protect them from the base 5 draft has also been lifted! It’s now November 15th, so Tuesday will see both that deadline and the deadline for a qualified bid decision. And then the non-bidding deadline is just a few days away! my Lord. This week will be NUTS. I’m guessing you’ll see some early bids so the teams can try to coordinate some moves for those two deadlines at the same time. I expect the Cubs to come down with loads of non-tendering, loads of odds-protecting decisions, and perhaps a concession claim or a trade or two. There are far too many rosters of players to cycle between leagues that take place on each of these deadlines, which were two weeks apart. Now they are only three days apart. Llosa.
  • Matt Murvis competed in the AFL Home Run derby last night, coming away from the final:
  • The AFL Fall Stars game – featuring Mervis and Bailey Horn from The Cubs – at 3pm BST in Sloan Park, and will air on MLB Network, while broadcasting on
  • Astros Cutter Martin Maldonado He was playing quietly Down the extension and during the postseason with a broken hand and a sports hernia. This is the Astros that included Cristian Vazquez on the list as well, if you want to know how much they appreciate the “soft factors” that Maldonado should bring into the game. Because he was still starting regularly on Vasquez, who does these things really well! (Consider the bigger picture lesson here: hunters who name good game, frame well, make adjustments, rate shooters on the go, etc…maybe very valuable!)
  • Profile on Seiya Suzuki in a magazine in Japan, and I’d really like to read a translation – I haven’t found it yet, though:
  • Kind of an “off” point here from Mike Petrillo:
  • A reminder that Harper, who has been limited to DOH duties, is reported to have had a partial rupture at University College London. So if you’re talking about Tommy John’s surgery, he’ll probably be able to DH again in five or six months, and maybe miss a month or two off the season. Returning to the field can take up to a year, so perhaps this is not affected by the run after the season is over. But that first month of DH’ing, yes, probably costing them a bit of a deep run in 2023 (not that anyone with Phillies would trade it).