We Let Monkeypox Spread for Too Long. If It Infects Our Pets, There’s No Getting Rid of It

We Let Monkeypox Spread for Too Long.  If It Infects Our Pets, There’s No Getting Rid of It

Monkeypox Virus monkeypox-airborne.jpg – Credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images There was an undetected monkeypox outbreak already underway in the United States before health officials in Europe and the US sounded the alarm about the dangerous viral disease back in May. That’s a problem. For every day that a virus spreads unmonitored and unchecked, there’s a greater … Read more

3D-printed organs: The future of transplantation

This type of regenerative medicine is in the development stage, and the driving force behind this innovation is “real human need,” Lewis said. The cause of this discrepancy is “a combination of people who undergo catastrophic health events, but their organs aren’t high enough quality to donate, or they’re not on the organ donor list … Read more

Great News About Potential Breakthroughs for FIV+ Cats Like Marmalade

Sharing is caring! As many of you know, Marmalade is FIV+, acquired from his mother at birth. Despite this, our favorite ginger tabby named after British jam has enjoyed a spectacular life. He kicked cancer’s butt, and having Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) doesn’t hold him back one bit either. And we love to report when … Read more

What You Should Know About the New Monkeypox Outbreak

The global investigation into the 2022 monkeypox outbreak is still in its early stages and public health teams are learning more each day as case counts grow. University of Chicago infectious disease expert answers common questions about Monkeypox. Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are tracking cases of monkeypox that have … Read more

Study Shows Case of Likely Cat-to-Human Virus Spread, but Risk Remains Low

A veterinarian in Thailand likely contracted the coronavirus from an infected pet cat last year, researchers found in a new study. It is the first documented case of suspected cat-to-human transmission, although experts stress that the risk of cats infecting humans with the virus remains low overall. One of the cat’s two owners, who both … Read more

Houston children’s hospitals face a troubling summer surge of RSV

While COVID-19 Hospitalizations remain low, Houston’s largest pediatric institutions are preparing for a more concerning wave of summer infections already prolonging ER wait times at some hospitals. The rate of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, has doubled throughout Texas over the last month, based on results from antigen and PCR tests tracked by the Centers … Read more

Florida COVID cases climb as new variant arrives

Florida’s COVID-19 cases kept climbing last week as two new variants spread across the state. Average daily cases from June 4-10 hit 10,630 last week, up 4% from the previous week. COVID-19 hospitalizations are creeping up as well. As of Friday, Florida hospitals had nearly 3,000 confirmed COVID-19 patients, up 13% from the prior week. … Read more

Large Study Found a Strange Link Between Eating Fish And Skin Cancer

More than 3 billion people around the world rely on fish for food. Fish are a favored source of proteins and healthy fats in highly recommended diets, like Mediterranean and Nordic. But new research suggests that as with all things, too much good fish could also be a bad thing. A large, long-term study of … Read more

The ah-ha moment when doctors realized first US patient in global outbreak had monkeypox

Basgoz and her colleagues at the hospital tested the patient for chickenpox. He was negative. They tested him for syphilis. He was negative. The doctors still treated him with antibiotics and antivirals that are used for common infections while they waited for his various test results — but his condition did not improve in response … Read more

Blood Tests That Detect Cancers Create Risks for Those Who Use Them

Susan Iorio Bell, of Forty Fort, Pa., on April 18, 2022, got a result that worried her using a cancer blood test, but scans did not turn up signs of a tumor. (Bryan Anselm/The New York Times) Jim Ford considers himself a lucky man: An experimental blood test found his pancreatic cancer when it was … Read more