Bruins lose most of the Saturday game. NHL rumors

The Boston Bruins lost 2-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, but more importantly, in the 31 hours leading up to that game, they lost the respect of the NHL and plenty of fans for signing convicted racist Mitchell Miller.

This and NHL news from our National Hockey Now network, the latest NHL trade and free agent rumors in the latest Boston Hockey Now Bruins Daily:

Boston Bruins

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman criticized the Boston Bruins for signing Mitchell Miller Not even consulting with him or the league before doing so. He also made it clear that it would be a long time before Miller was allowed to play in the NHL. …if ever. I seriously have never respected Bettman more than I did then!

Captain Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron He’s not happy about signing Mitchell Miller because it goes against everything he and former captain Zdino Chara have tried to build over the past 15 years.

Every Jeff Marek has a day 32 ideas During Canada Hockey Night on Saturday night, there is still no guarantee that Miller will play for the AHL. League Commissioner Scott Howson had this to say to Marek on the matter:

“I need to meet with him to get firsthand information from him,” Huson told Marek. “I only know what has been said through the media or narratives. This will start the process of discovering what he learned, what he was doing to improve as a person and what he will continue to do to become a better person. I will decide next steps after I meet him.”

Marek’s teammate Elliot Friedman has made it clear that the league, and many around it, are not happy with the Boston Bruins and that their reputation can be tarnished forever.

Oh yeah, the Boston Bruins played Saturday night’s game and as expected, they looked pretty distracted early on. I wonder why? Here’s Haggs’ BHN Talking Points after a 2-1 loss to the Bruins to The Toronto Maple Leafs.

National Hockey Now

NYI: New York IslandersSaturday’s five-game winning streak was halted in a 3-0 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

PGH: For the second time in a week, the file Pittsburgh penguins He lost to the Seattle Kraken but somehow, veteran defender Chris Letang didn’t worry.

PHI: Philadelphia Flyers He beat former captain Claude Giroud and the Ottawa Senators 2-1 on Saturday.

Wall Street Journal: The Washington Capitals lost 3-2 to the Arizona Coyotes and put one cloud on top of another Alex Ovechkin milestone.

FLA: We’re just over a month into the 2022-23 season but so far the Florida Panthers have won the deal that landed them Matthew Tkachuk during summer.

DET: This is the perspective from the side Detroit Red Wings After goalkeeper Phil Gusso secured his second close of the season in a win over the Islanders.

DAL: Dallas stars Captain Jimmy Bean earned a hat-trick as the Dallas Stars smashed the Edmonton Oilers’ winning streak 6-2.

COL: Colorado Avalanche The team swept its match with the Columbus Blue Jackets 5-1 in Finland.

VGK: Vegas Golden Nights He maintained his seventh straight win and beat the Montreal Canadiens 6-4 at the Bell Center on Saturday.

Lake: Los Angeles Kings Center Quinton Byfield is back in training with the team and is close to returning to the squad.

SJS: Anaheim Ducks striker Trevor Zegras still wants to apologize San Jose Sharks defenseman Matt Benning due to a stabbing incident last week.

Canada Hockey Now

MTL: Montreal Canadiens striker Josh Anderson He could face additional discipline after earning a five-minute major to ride Vegas Golden Knights defender Alex Petrangelo.

CGY: I Calgary Flames They were looking to get through their game with the New Jersey Devils last night and get out of the shuffle.