Big Bang Prospects: Jane, Julian, Pages, Finn, Roker

Fall Stars finalists are being voted on. The game itself is scheduled for 3 PM Cairo time on Sunday, November 6. If you’re in the area, swing by the game and meet the participants of the First Pitch Arizona fantasy baseball conference hosted by Baseball HQ. Say hi to me (full disclosure, I’m a HQ writer).

Five big hype prospects

GT Jin23, SP, oak (AA)
AFL: 12 IP, 4 BB, 12K, 2.25 PM

He was a former second-round pick for the New York Mets, and athletics took over Jane V Chris Bassett trade. The right hand comes from a mixed performance in Double-A where he scored 10.44 K/9, 3.57 BB/9, globe average of 56.6%, and a painful 6.11 ERA. Usually, bowlers who keep the ball on the ground while hitting hits and limit walking are a stable and effective asset class. Ginn’s season was cut short due to injury – hence his inclusion in the AFL. He only made 35.1 rounds in 10 Double-A starts. Ginn is scheduled to play today (Fri) and is currently defending a short, goalless streak. He appears to have enough ammo to start although he may return to rest if his drive proves inadequate. While shooters can never really miss it, I consider Ginn a potentially great future flagship.

Edward Julian23, 2B, MIN (AA)
AFL: 81 PA, 5 HR, 5 SB, .361/.519/.689

Far and away from the top-performing hitter in the NFL, Julian appears to have turned a corner in his development. For older prospects like Julian, the Fall League is dedicated to working on new skills. In his case, damage to the pitches within the strike area. He’s already proven to have exceptional eyes with enough communication skills to confidently perform early count strokes. However, to go to the Majors, he’ll need to jump on cookies that counted early rather than letting them pass. According to one contact, that’s what he’s focusing on this fall. His operations at 1.208 OPS indicate that he has succeeded. In addition to leading the league in OPS and walking, he is tied for the lead in goals tally (19) and home runs (5). He’s hit all five of his home runs in the last 15 days.

For those who follow at home, this is the same mod Gunnar Henderson Made to launch his meteoric rise this season. That’s not to say Julian is physically comparable to Henderson, just that he has the raw ingredients to jump into the top 100 potential via a similar path.

Andy Pages21, OF, boy (AA)
AFL: 83 PA, 4 hours, 1 SB, .286/.373/.486

If Pages has something to work on, it’s the outage rate. So far, he’s managed an impressive 12 percent strike rate this fall. It has posted a 24.5 percent strike rate in each of the past two seasons. We’ve covered pages several times in this column, and there’s no reason to believe anything has changed on his profile. He has average or better board discipline, great raw power, and a swing directed to contact a frequently pulled ball. He reads the multiplication file similarly at the beginning of his career Reese Hoskins. Pages has more power and a less nimble eye than the first Phillies entrepreneur. He’s also much more athletic.

Pages is scheduled to participate in the Fall Stars Home Run Derby.

Zack Fin20, OF, COL (AA)
AFL: 85 PA, 1 HR, 16 SB, .353/ .471/ .456

Veen, who we touched on during his first week of coverage of the AFL, is still the loot base captain about a month into the season. Although he didn’t achieve much power, the rest of his performance is encouraging. He scored 14 walks compared to just six strokes. During the regular season, Veen showed increased discipline in High- and Double-A. However, he struggled to communicate, especially in Double-A. His AFL performance helps put that in context. Perhaps the 20-year-old was too much against older competitors.

Strong performances at the top of the Underdogs next season could lead to their 2023 Major League debut. The fast paced player is well designed for Coors Field. While we tend to think of the place as a haven of strength, it supports all kinds of strikes. Besides, most Scouts believe that Wien will grow into huge popularity.

Kumar Ruker22, SP, TEX (-)
AFL: 7.2 IP, 9 BB, 8K, 4.70 PM

A late addition to the AFL roster, this marks Rocker’s first affiliate business. He got off to a rough start, unlocking multiple tracks and untamed stadiums. He has since settled on his last two appearances, making 5.2 runs with four hits, one run, two walks, and all eight hits. Rucker’s History Draft makes great reading. Throughout his time as an amateur prospect, he has brought up various armholes and pitch mixes. Standardizing detail is a tendency to do something wrong. On his best days, he looks like a guaranteed poor columnist in the league. At its worst, it is indistinguishable from the hundreds of small, live-armed guards who have not yet (and probably never) tapped the lamp.

five more

Conor ThomasSTL (24): The current hit leader by a healthy margin, Thomas has delivered a five-stroke and seven-stroke gem since the last update. Southpaw is a Base 5 eligible and would definitely play his way to being picked if the Cardinals didn’t protect him. They seem to have enough flexibility in the menu to do so.

Evan RiverTBR (23): Also since our last update, Reifert has added three more rounds with no hits along with seven. That puts him at 10.2 no-kicks per season with 22 penalties. Four walks represent the only drawback of the Statath line. Reifert has the third most hits in the AFL despite throwing less than half of Thomas’ innings.

Carlos de la CruzPHI (22): A human mammoth of approximately size and shape Aaron Judge, De La Cruz is a free-swinging center player with great power. He’s done well this fall while still showing an awful sense of strike zone. His 24 hit average in 59 board appearances (40.6% K%) was one of the worst showings in the NFL. Conversely, his .302/.373/.547 triple slash with 16 hits, three home runs, and two treble slashes indicate good quality on call.

Cal ConleyATL (23): Conley, a future escort man who only manages to level up, is a finalist for a spot on the Fall Stars list. He split the year between Low- and High-A, posting an almost league average hitting streak. In 83 board games this fall, he was hitting .304/.422/.551 with two home runs, three triples, five doubles, and nine steals. Conley has the sixth highest OPS over the last 15 days.

Mason Milleroak (24)By: Miller is a fireball player, who regularly lives in three numbers with a fastball. Over the past 15 days, he’s started two three-stroke matches, forcing opponents to only two hits, no walks, and nine hits. So far in his career, it has been used as a short start. He is expected to eventually move to bowling. His third degree is a below average change, and he also has a hard time driving. He fills the strike zone and lets his stuff overwhelm the hitters instead of locating them.