Astros win the 2022 World Championship

HOUSTON – The sound has been brewing and billowing in the throats of orange-clad Astros fans for years. Five years ago, they had watched their beloved club win the World Championship from afar. Then they saw that title transform from an outright victory into a controversial talking point, and watched two other teams claim and celebrate their series crowns here at Minute Maid Park.

but when Jordan Alvarez online on Joseph AlvaradoSinking to the bottom of the sixth inning on Saturday night, the sound was finally unleashed. It was a great roar of celebration, unburdened by the weight of what had been and in anticipation of what these fans now knew was to come— Victory 4-1 Game 6 over Velezthe playoffs in the world championships under their roof.

“I think that’s what drove this team,” said Baker, who was the coach with the most wins (2093 wins and 11 previous post-season appearances). Without a world title. “That’s what motivated them. The boos and ridicule we receive across the country upset these guys, but it also motivated them at the same time. And it wasn’t that we were against the world. It was kind of more of a ‘closer together even more’ kind of.”

They came together to become the first team to clinch the World Championship at home since the 2013 Red Sox. The drought at home (not including the Dodgers’ “home” win in Arlington, Texas, in the pandemic-affected twenties after the season) was the longest in history.

They also consolidated this era of Astros as a modern dynasty. Given the difficulty of making six consecutive League Series and winning four Flags and two titles in a six-season period in a sport with random results for October (and November), as well as constant player movement and low draft positioning for successful teams, the achievement is a marvel, even if it doesn’t silence the harshest critics of outrageous methods. that the 2017 and 2018 teams used to steal and transmit signals.

“I don’t think we have to validate anything,” Musk Martin Maldonado He said. “We did it for the city, for the fans, for all these guys who support us. We are still the best team in baseball.”

“They came to the field every day, they worked hard, they played hard, they played as a team, and they had a lot of fun,” said Phillies coach Rob Thompson. They have passed many obstacles. I am very proud of all of those. I really. “

In the end, though, the Astros had many answers, and that was certainly the case in Game 6’s important sixth round.

“Going into the series, he was always kind of Alvarado in Alvarez,” Thompson said. “It was the sixth inning, and it felt like the normal back end of the players could get through.”

It was Alvarez from Playing tournaments against Robbie Ray of the Mariners In the first game of the MLS series, the post-season party began in Houston. Alvarez Dive deeper into the next match, but then fell into a state of funk that continued into Game Six of the World Series. He worked overtime in the batting cage, patching it up and spotting, only to get back to the drawing board after another round of fruitless and frustrated bats.

However, Alvarez proved that he is ready for his close-up. the man Who came from Cuba in 2016 After never hitting a wall run, she turned into one of the most feared hitters in the game, and he showed the reason for the biggest swing of his life. The count was 2-1 when Alvarado tried to slip the 98.9 mph launcher past the 6-foot-5, 225-pound left-back.

Alvarado later said: “If I play a good pitch, maybe it’s a ball, a double play, a turn at the end. [But] When he hits the ball, the sound, she says, “Okay, that’s gone.”

yes. When Alvarez called, there was no doubting the conclusion. Pause for a moment and watch the ball float into the standing area over the batter’s eye greens to make it 3-1.

“I didn’t look for anything, I didn’t look at the iPad,” Alvarez said through an interpreter. “I waited for my bat, I didn’t go to look at anything. I knew this was my moment. I had the peace of mind I knew it was my moment. And it happened.”

It was a good idea to close the roof, because the sound from Minute Maid Park could have awakened sleeping children anywhere from Aldine to Pearland.

The Astros, their fans, and Baker have been in a lot of heat and endured some terrible endings. But this was a moment and house party they could call their own party.

“What happened before, it didn’t completely pass,” Becker said. “But we have turned the page, and hopefully we can keep this running. … I like that feeling so much.”