Another world championship and another bigger year…

Another world championship. Another year older and deeper in debt. And another year in the world closer to the extinction event. And another year with alt-right closer to world domination

Congratulations to the Astros. They remind me so much of the 2018 Boston Red Sox that could have beaten you in so many ways: Homer you to death, bachelor and double you to death, robs you to death. Close you with quality that starts off presentations, and close your business nicely with a relaxing show. The big difference between the Astros and the Red Sox is that they are better than the Red Sox, and this organization sees the long run as much better than what the Red Sox did at the time. Dave Dombrowski built us a team leading us into 2018, but in the words of Texan Kris Kristofferson, “Trading tomorrow for today.” Houston has it right about the long game, player development, and I hope the Red Sox really has it under the current GM.

The Yankees were eliminated earlier, which is good news for me. Aside from my New England loathing for the Yankee organization, and the fact that they chose a noble term — yankee — which was once synonymous with being New England, I see them as the ultimate red state organization in one of the bluest cities you’ll find. Of course one can say the same about the Red Sox at twentyThe tenthGranted, the red/blue model didn’t exist yet. but the Ghost of Tom Yauki He was kicked out of the Red Sox decades ago

My sympathy was with the Astros. Yes, Philadelphia is in a swing of blue, and Houston is in a deep red. But honestly, I think I’d like to live in Houston more than I would like Philly. Well, cheese steak, but you can eat it anywhere. But Houston strikes me as a much more dynamic place to live than Philly. Why am I politicizing this? Because everything is politicized thanks to rebabs.

I’m writing this early. It’s the top of 8The tenthAssuming this will be the last match.

I’m a longtime baseball fan and didn’t get too excited about baseball this year, or the sport. The fact that owners and players have come close to urinating this season before it even happens may be part of the problem. My Red Sox got off to a bad start, then got hot for a few weeks and then going into a mediocre state is a bad thing. Also, worrying about what autocratic rulers are planning for global democracies, including, and especially the United States, have more on my intentions than sports.

Sad to see less interest in baseball over the years. In this era of instant gratification, many fans would like to see a big event happening at the moment, and a lot of explosive action. Every baseball game has its own story. Every baseball game is unique. You can watch a baseball game and see something you’ve never seen before. Much of the same can be said about American football. But basketball, hockey, and the game we call football here is the same movie we watch over and over again. Don’t get me wrong. I can enjoy basketball, hockey and soccer, but they don’t excite me as much as my two big sports.

The diary is about the World Championships, but it’s open to anything in baseball. Game history, rule change, competitive balance, African Americans having their lowest representation in decades, who should be in the Hall of Fame, etc.