Alvarez blasts Astros to world title vs. Veles

HOUSTON (Associated Press) — Jordan Alvarez’s shot at the moon drove the Space City crazy, and the Houston Astros secured their second World Championship title.

While the stigma of Houston’s first championship may not completely fade, the imposing three-stroke Homer Alvarez helped design a new crown for the Astros — and Dusty Baker’s first as manager — in a 4-1 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies at Game 6 on Saturday night.

“What happened before, it’s not quite over,” said Baker, a veteran manager hired by the Astros in the wake of the signal-stealing scandal. “But we’ve turned the page and hope to continue that run.”

Alvarez fired a shot over the 40-foot hitter’s eye in midfield during the sixth inning right after Velez’s Zach Wheeler pulled off a 1-0 lead.

As Alvarez’s 450-foot shot sailed, Astros player Frumber Valdez jumped and screamed loudly into the dugout as the crowd of 42,958 people went crazy waving orange racing towels.

“When I was spinning second base, I could feel the whole field moving,” Alvarez said through an interpreter.

The 73-year-old Becker finally earned his first title in his 25th season as a coach. He’s spent the past three years with the Astros having hired him to help the team regain credibility after their trash cost manager beat AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow at their jobs, and made Houston the most hated team in baseball.

“I wasn’t here in 2017, but it’s definitely a burden to everyone. Nobody can say (anything) now,” said the closest Ryan Presley, who finished the streak with another goalless run.

Baker, who won the World Championships as a player with the Los Angeles Dodgers and has twice competed in the Fall Classic as a captain, is the oldest manager of the championship in any of the Big Four sports in North America. The win came 20 years after a near miss, when he came within five times of winning the title while leading the San Francisco Giants.

“What next? If I win one, I want to win two,” Becker said then.

Houston’s coaching and coaching staff circled Baker after Nick Castellanos flew to finish him, jumped up and down, and exclaimed “Dusty! Dusty! Dusty!” in the dugout before they join the players on the field.

The Astros’ rising star Jeremy Peña was the top player in the World Series after picking up another major hit, a single for Homer Alvarez’s set-up.

The 25-year-old, Dominican-born star is also a Gold Glove and AL Championship Series MVP — Peña is the first hitter to win those three awards in his career, and he did all of that in his first season, according to OptaSTATS.

The jerseys Peña and Baker wore during the series were headed into the Hall of Fame.

After a year of watching the Atlanta Braves clinch the world title at Minute Maid Park, Justin Verlander and the Astros went 11-2 in the post-season and became the first team to seal the championship at home since the 2013 Boston Red Sox.

Alvarez is back for the first time since delving into his first two games this post-season. Cristian Vazquez added a single from RBI later in the inning to make it 4-1.

Valdez claimed his second win in the series. He was in dugout just a few minutes after his 93rd and final throw as he shot nine on six runs.

But the left-winger came off the hill with the wild card Phillies taking a 1-0 lead over Homer Kyle Schwarber, ahead of the sixth.

Schwarber, who has beaten Homer for the third time in the past four games, circled the bases, waving his empty hand raised in the same motion as the crowd with their towels.

But by the time Schwarber took the hit for eighth, the home NL captain had switched to bunting, trying for a hit to spark off Phillies Kamen’s attack. His speed fell into error in two strokes, resulting in the knockout.

In sixth, Houston had two base runners against Wheeler for the first time in the game, when Martin Maldonado hit a field, Jose Altuve knocked out and took Peña solo.

Phillies manager Rob Thomson went to left-hander Jose Alvarado to take on the left-handed hitter for the fourth time in the series – Alvarez had gone out twice and hit a field in the first three.

“I thought Wheels still had really good things. It wasn’t about that. I thought the match was better with Alvarado than with Alvarez at the time,” said Thompson.

Alvarado had only allowed three left-handers in his six major league seasons, until 2-1 home, when Alvarez smashed the 99-mph goal.

“It’s kind of a dirty half, and I think going into the series has always been kind of Alvarado on Alvarez,” Thompson said. “It was the sixth game and I felt the natural back end of the players could get through it.”

Alvarez hadn’t arrived since Game Two of the AL Division Series against Seattle, when his second half shot in the sixth inning put him on standby. This came after his shot at the end of the game, three rounds in Game 1 to win 8-7.

Houston won the top 106 MLS titles and reached its fourth world championship during a period in which it reached the AL Championship Series six seasons in a row. The Astros made their only other World Championship appearance in 2005, while they were still in the National League, and were swept away in four games by the Chicago White Sox.

It was the third ALCS tournament and the second consecutive World Championship since former Astros player Mike Ferris revealed after the 2019 season, when he had left Houston for two years since he was part of the 2017 championship, as the team used a camera in the center to steal the signals and the hitters on the pitches they It can be expected by clicking on the trash.

“Maybe this will never go away, but I think it just proves how good this team is and how good they have been for a long time,” Astros owner Jim Crane said on court afterwards.

Philadelphia was between 22 and 29 when Joe Gerardi was fired in early June and replaced with bench coach Thompson, the 59-year-old baseball player who got his first chance as a major league manager — he was on the Yankees big team for 10 seasons with Gerardi, and was part of the His last world championship and title in 2009.

The Phillies finished the regular season 65-46 under Thompson, posting a fine 87 victories for sixth and final NL playoffs, en route to their first World Championship since 2009.

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Phillies: In less than four months, Phillies will be back in Texas to start their regular 2023 season, about 250 miles away to start a dialogue series on March 30 against the Texas Rangers.

Astros: Whether or not Becker and/or general manager James Click return – neither have been signed during this season – the World Series champions will play their opening game of the 2023 season at home on March 30 against the Chicago White Sox.


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