AI Offshore Mortgage Matching Platform HK Start-up, PropCap raises $1.5 million in preliminary round funding to expand Japan, Australia and China market.



Hong KongAnd the April 6 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Propcap Technologies Limited (PropCap), A Hong Kong The offshore mortgage matching platform’s specialist lending market plans to complete its first preliminary round in the first half of the year.


Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021 – Mixing section (Photo: left to right – Cyberport CEO, Peter Yan; Hong Kong Financial Secretary, Paul Chan Moo Po; Cyberport’s Chief of Public Mission, Eric Chan; PropCap Founder and CEO, Niu Cheung; co-founder and CDO of PropCap, Louis Lee)


The next capital increase is due to start by April of this year. Transaction size can be up to USD 2mon target 12 million US dollars Money pre-assessment, PropCap price reached 8.5 million USD after securing it 506000 USD In the second slide in October 2021.

The funding will be used to expand the business in the UK, set up a subsidiary and obtain a money lending license in the Japanexpanding market entry to the Greater Bay Area (Mainland China) and Australia.

New CheongFounder and CEO said, ” Japan The office will be mainly set up in Tokyo. Japanese individuals own approximately 12 trillion US dollars The value of yen in cash. PropCap can provide a profitable return on a secured mortgage investment for those Japanese investors who have cash, while the mortgage matching platform is also driving Asian investors to enhance their real estate exposure worldwide.”

These markets are full of potential given the founding team’s local networks, marketing information and strong real estate sentiment.

The use of the proceeds will also be customized for job platform upgrades, such as a digital know-your-customer system, artificial intelligence matching and a machine learning-based credit scoring system.

The investor plays a major role

Venture capitalists with authorization in Reg-tech, Prop-tech or Investment Finance preferred, Louis LeeThe co-founder and CDO said, noting that the company hopes the new investor will play a key role in facilitating business growth.

The company has already received strong initial interest from a handful of potential investors, including London– Real estate technology venture capital firm, Pi Labs and Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, noting that PropCap has been selected as the Top 100 Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund JUMPSARTER 2022.

Business Outlook

The total number of successful match deals is expected to reach 36-42 in 2022, adding that it has completed 12 cases last year since launching its product in March 2021. PropCap is confident of meeting expectations, as there are signs of great interest from Hong Kong Mainland China buys in overseas real estate markets. at March 2022Propcap is the first installment of licensed money lender in Hong Kong Who is eligible for access to the Cross-Border Data Identification platform for the Greater Bay Area. Helps advance mainland China’s business.

Founded in 2019, PropCap is involved in the operations of the mortgage loan platform to match global lenders and global borrowers to purchase real estate abroad. Lenders, also known as investor, get a return of 6%-10% per annum with a term of less than 2 years, while borrowers can withdraw the loan 3 times faster than traditional banks.

The company currently has four sources of revenue, including transaction fees, annual membership fees, professional services referral fees, and foreign exchange commission fees.

About Propcap Technologies Limited (PropCap)

PropCap, founded in 2019, is the first cross-border secured real estate lending platform in Asia. at June 2021PropCap has become a member of the Cyberport Hong Kong Incubation Program and was recently enrolled in the Newchip Accelerator Program in February 2022.

The founding team including FFounder and CEO – New CheongAnd the co- Founder and CTO – oh whatco-founder and CDO Louis and co-founder- Ian Wong.

Cheung family with Japan Market with over 14 years of professional experience at Morgan Stanley, TokyoSpecializing in finance and real estate. Ma has been in commerce and financial technology for more than 20 years and has held various senior positions at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Barclays and BNP Paribas. Lee has over 17 years of experience in business development, distribution, product innovation and sales management at Convoy Global Holdings Ltd. He has rich experience in the hedge fund sector, joined the Kerry Group, Michael Sofair and Sfund Int’l Asset Mgmt. Ltd.

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