After the World Championships, where do the Astros rank among the best breeds of the past 30 years?

Since the signal-stealing scandal that marred their 2017 championship season, Houston Astros They’ve spent the past five years cementing their place among the league’s elite teams.

They have now reached the World Championships in four of the past six seasons. On Saturday, for the first time since their controversial launch to the Fall Classic six years ago, they fought back to finish the job.

This year’s Astros group differs significantly from the shameful champions of five years ago. From Dusty Baker manager to novice World Series MVP Jeremy Rock To catch all the stars for the first time Jordan Alvarez And post-season stars Christian Xavier And the Framber ValdezThe changes up and down the roster since 2017 serve as a reminder of the incredible job the Astros have done in changing their system and restocking talent to remain competitive annually – even when they are constantly reminded of the flaws of their past.

This year’s championship was a first for Baker, a three-time general manager and highly respected skipper in his 25th year who helped navigate a poor franchise through three uncomfortable but highly productive seasons after the cheating scandal was discovered.

Baker, who was named manager of the Astros in 2020, said weeks after manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jim Luno was fired following NBA finds and arrests. “It wasn’t about an ‘us against the world’ thing. It was a ‘meet and get closer’ kind of thing.”

In the end, a dynasty was formed—one of the greatest baseball dynasties that baseball has seen since the unique running of the Yankees in the late ’90s. What is its place among the most six-year period of the past 30 years?

Here are six of the best ones, along with an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: St. Louis Cardinals, 2006-11

Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals hits a single during Game Five of the 2006 World Championships. Photo by Brad Mangin/MLB via Getty Images

’06: 83-78, first in NL Central, W won

’07: 78-84, third place at NL Central

’08: 86-76, fourth place at NL Central

’09: 91-71, 1st in NL Central, Lost NLDS

’10: 86-76, 2nd at NL Central

11:90-72, NL Central runner-up, W won

Wins: 514

win over %: .529

Divisions won: two

won slogans: two

World Championship titles: two

boss: Tony La Russa

There is an argument to be made that the Cardinals’ continuation of six years after 2006-11 was better – they did the playoffs for five consecutive years from 2011-15 – but this is an extension that includes two World Championship titles. After two consecutive seasons of 100 non-championship wins in 2004 and 2005, St. Louis ended a 24-year drought in a championship season while winning only 83 games in 2006. The Cardinal won again in 2011, surpassing the title Texas Rangers in the World Championships after losing the division that year.

6) Atlanta Braves1995-00

Atlanta Braves midfielder Andrew Jones bats at home during the 1996 World Championships. Photo by Timothy Clary/AFP via Getty Images

95-90-54, first in eastern NL, W won

’96 – 96-66, 1st in NL East, Lost WS

’97 – 101-61, 1st in NL East, Lost NLCS

98 – 106-56, 1st in NL East, Lost NLCS

’99-103-59, 1st in NL East, Lost WS

’00-95-67, 1st in NL East, Lost NLDS

Wins: 591

win over %: .619

Divisions won: six

won slogans: three

World Championship titles: One

boss: Bobby Cox

The Braves of the late ’90s share a story similar to that of the Dodgers of the past decade – a noteworthy, ongoing success with little hardware to show for it. The Braves won the World Championship in 1995 to claim his first title since moving to Atlanta in 1966. This was his first of 11 consecutive post-season trips, yet it was the only championship during that time. They will not be crowned champions again until the unexpected round of 2021.

5) Los Angeles Dodgers2017-22

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mookie Betts celebrate as they roll the bases after hitting home solo at Game 6 of the MLB World Series 2020. Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

’17: 104-58, 1st in NL West, Lost WS

18: 92-71, 1st in NL West, Lost WS

’19: 106-56, 1st in NL West, Lost NLDS

’20*: 43-17, 1st at NL West, W won

21:106-56, NL West runner-up, Lost NLCS

22: 111-51, 1st in NL West, Lost NLDS

* Season 60 games

Wins: 562

win over %: .645

Divisions won: five

won slogans: three

World Championship titles: One

boss: Dave Roberts

The Dodgers’ regular season prowess is unparalleled in recent years. They’ve won no fewer than 106 games in each of the past three full seasons, set a franchise record with 111 wins this year and have the best six-year regular season win percentage of any team on this list. But aside from a truncated 2020 season – their only title in 10 consecutive post-season trips – they have largely failed on the grand stage. Of course, given what has been revealed since then, the 2017 race will remain a “what if” giant.

4) Boston Red Sox2003-08

The Boston Red Sox celebrate after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 to win Game 4 of the 2004 World Series. Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

’03-95-67, second place in the East, ALCS lost

04-98-64, 2nd in the East, W won

’05-95-67, second place in the east, lost ALDS

’06 – 86-76, third in the east

’07-96-66, the first in the east, W won

’08-95-67, second place in the East, ALCS lost

Wins: 565

win over %: .581

Divisions won: One

won slogans: two

World Championship titles: two

managers: Grady Little, Terry Francona

While the Yankees in the mid-2000s dominated the division, the Boston Red Sox emerged in October. The memory of those teams in Boston will always be remembered because of their strength. They overcame a 3-0 deficit in the unforgettable 2004 MLS Championship Series against rival Yankees before sweeping the Cardinal for the World Series. Three years later – the only time the Red Sox won the group in the mid-2000s – they swept Rocky in the World Championships after another amazing comeback, overcoming a 3-1 deficit against Cleveland in the ALCS.

3) Houston Astros, 2017-22

The Houston Astros celebrate after beating the Philadelphia Phillies to win Game 6 at the 2022 World Championships. Photo by Harry He/Getty Images

’17:101-61, first in AL West, W won

18:103-59, 1st in AL West, Lost ALCS

19: 107-55, 1st in AL West, Lost WS

’20 *: 29-31, second place in AL West, ALCS lost

’21:95-67, 1st in AL West, Lost WS

22:106-56, 1st in AL West, W won

* Season 60 games

Wins: 541

win over %: .622

Section titles: five

won slogans: four

World Championship titles: two

managers: A.J. Hinch, Dusty Baker

The Astros have won at least 100 matches in four of the past five full seasons, and are the only team on this list to have won 100 matches and go on to win the World Championship twice in a six-year span. Their outstanding depth, regular-season and post-season success put them in a distinct category — and so does their cheating scandal. “What happened before is not completely over,” Baker said. “But we turned the page.”

Will this World Championship make the Houston Astros dynasty?

Will this World Championship make the Houston Astros dynasty?

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry analyze the past six years of the Houston Astros, with two world championships, and discuss whether the Astros are a dynasty.

2) San Francisco Giants2009-14

Buster Posey and Madison Baumgarner of the San Francisco Giants celebrate after winning Game 7 of the 2014 World Championships. Photo by Jimmy Squire/Getty Images

09:88-74, 3rd in NL West

’10: 92-70, first in NL West, W won

11:86-76, 2nd in NL West

’12:94-68, first in NL West, W won

13:76-86, 3 at NL West

’14: 88-74, 2nd at NL West, W won

Wins: 524

win over %: .539

Divisions won: two

won slogans: three

WS Championships: three

boss: Bruce Boshy

There is something to be said for ending the job when the opportunity presents itself. The most opportunistic franchise on this list, the Giants are the only team in the past 30 years other than the Yankees to have won at least three World Championship titles in a five-year period. They did so despite only winning the degree twice in that time. From 2009 to 2014, the Giants held as many third-place finishes as the division’s #1, but won the World Championship on all three trips there.

1) New York Yankees1996-01

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees celebrates in the dugout after Jim Laertez made a home run during Game 4 of the 1996 World Series.

’96: 92-70, first in the east, W won

97: 96-66, second in the east, ALDS lost

98: 114-48, first in the east, W won

’99: 98-64, first in the East, W won

’00: 87-74, first in the east, W won

’01: 95-65, first in the east, lost WS

Wins: 582

win over %: .601

Divisions won: five

won slogans: five

WS Championships: four

bossJoe’s Tower

The last true MLB dynasty, no team has won back-to-back World Championships since these Yankees—and they’ve won three in a row. They are the only team on this list to have won five Flags and four World Championships in a six-year period, and they will go on to make the playoffs for 13 consecutive seasons. The remarkable 1998 season with 114 wins was particularly marked during that time – it is the only team to ever win so many games and win a championship in the same year (2001) sailors and 1906 Cubs They both won 116 matches, but neither of them won the World Championship.)

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