2023 World Championship odds: Dodgers open, Astros as frontrunners for next title

The champagne is barely drying in the Astros’ locker room, and the bettors are already looking to the future.

The Astros claimed their second World Championship title in six years, defeating loser Phillies 4-1 in Game 6 to win the series from four games to two. But now it’s time for players to start looking forward to who will win the title in 2023.

There is still a long way to go until shooters and hunters arrive in February. There are some Big names in free agency, which can radically shape the fortunes of the team. There are always a few big deals that make a difference in the outdoors, and sudden retirements, training changes and other phases in the next few months are sure to change those odds.

For this reason, if you feel good about a team at the moment, this could be a good opportunity to place a good value bet on someone. Maybe their chances will improve if you think they’re destined to land with a big bat or arm. You probably have a lot of confidence that next year, for sure, will be the year your team gets it done.

Or maybe you’re curious to see who the odds-makers actually see as the front-runners. Unsurprisingly, the list includes many of the usual suspects, including the hero Astros.

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Here’s an early look at the 2023 World Championship odds, According to BetMGM.

World Championship 2023 odds

The two top contenders for the 2022 World Championships are back to lead early predictions for 2023.

The Dodgers (+500) They may have failed to secure a title in 2022, but the loaded roster has them poised for being the first favorite to lift the Commissioner’s Cup in 2023. (+700) Astros Not far either.

There are only three other teams with a 10-1 chance. Champion 2021 Brave (+800) Sit third, two AL East hard-hitting teams, and Blue Jays (+900) And the (+900) YankeesRight behind them. Of course, New York’s odds could change drastically based on potential AL MVP Aaron Judge’s decision at his looming free agency.

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No team that missed the playoffs in 2022 has better odds than White Sox (+1400)While there are no worse odds than any team that participated in the qualifiers Guardians (+3500)who snuck in and took AL Central on the much-favorite White Sox.

Are you looking for longer odds? That would be a triple bond between Pirates, Citizens and Athletics (+15000)with the Reds (+10000) Not much better.

Here’s a full set of possibilities as they currently stand on November 6, according to BetMGM.

Team Prospect
Dodgers 500
Astros 700
brave 800
blue jays 900
Yankees 900
mets 1100
Phyllis 1300
parents 1400
white socks 1400
basics 1700
sailors 1800
bruer 2200
rays 2200
Angels 2500
red socks 3000
giants 3500
guardians 3500
Orioles 3500
twins 4000
Notice 5000
Marlins 5000
tigers 5000
Diamondbacks 6600
Cubs 8000
Royals 8000
Rocky 8000
reds 10000
Citizens 15000
pirates 15000
Athletics 15000