2022 World Championships: Phillies are under 0.100 in the last 30 rounds as the Astros celebrate

HOUSTON – There isn’t just one reason the season is over, why the winning team gets attacked on the field by family and staff from all levels of the organization while the other team sits at their club answering questions about what went wrong.

Did Phillies lose the World Series because Rob Thompson pulled Zach Wheeler too early in Game Six?

Did they lose because Jose Alvarado lost the magic he rode from mid-June to the early days of November?

Did they lose because they couldn’t hit? Because they couldn’t come up with the clutch defensive play that the Astros had executed?

The answer is all of the above. But if there’s one lasting image that Pheles fans will get from the last three games of the 2022 World Championships – all Phils losses – it’s likely that the crime is gone.

City were as confident as the football club after Velez hit five runs in a 7-0 win in Game 3 to take the lead. Then no hitter came. Then the night of the billion stranded contestants. Then another fruitless evening against Framber Valdez.

Over the 30 rounds of the 6th Game 3 inning through the end of the World Series, Phillies hitters went 9 for 98 for a pitcher hitting average of 0.92. Forget the lack of success with runners in the scoring position, they didn’t hit, period. Kyle Schwarber kept shining as Bryce Harper did damage throughout the post-season, but there was little support elsewhere in the squad that was designed to bomb baseball.

“Heck, they have good shooters,” Schwarber said.

“That’s what they’re known for. Obviously, they’ve got great offensive players as well, but their style on the field was great. It felt like we were swinging, which we were. Obviously tonight, we were in that game all the way. It’s a good throw. You lift. your hat.”

Has Velez run out of gas? Was the Astros promo crew that good?

“I think it’s about a little bit of both,” Nick Castellanos said. “We could certainly have done better all the way up the court, but also, they have a great throw and the old saying goes, great throws beat great hits. They made some. We played really well. They were the best team in North America.

“There is no way I can get over that, man, it feels great. But at the same time, thankful to have the opportunity to have such a great feeling because there are so many teams and players that weren’t able to play in the World Championships.”

This was a common refrain throughout the Velez Club. Players were deeply disappointed with the closeness to causing another disruption and shocking the world, but realized that this was an experience they could build on moving forward.

This does not necessarily mean that they will return to this place next year or the year after. There is an element of luck for any team advancing to 2022 Phillies and who knows if there will be as many bunnies to be drawn from as many hats as this group has done.

“I know nothing about running out of steam,” said Rhys Hoskins. “There are endless amounts of adrenaline flowing through the playoffs. Just a good team. They beat us. We don’t say it often, but they beat us this time.

“I think we’re always surprised, that’s the kind of confidence we have in ourselves as a foul. But they gave the pitches when they needed to and that was the difference in the series.

“It’s hard to get momentum against this bull.”

In the end, Phillies needed more right-handed hitters. Hoskins went 3 for 25 at the World Championships with 10 strokes. Castellanos went 3 for 24 with 10 hits. JT Realmuto went 1 vs 16 with 10 hits in the last four matches. Jan Segura went 3 for 21 without outing or hitting an extra base.

“They hit a lot of broken balls in the area,” Hoskins said. “They hit a lot of early and then late in their chases.” “Especially when you have a high speed behind it, it makes it hard to hit it.”

This was a postseason party coming up for Valdez. The left-handed Astros has shown the world how hard it can be to hit his curveball combination and has given Velez bouts every time he encounters, starting with his start in the last game of the regular season when he hit 10 on five. Points free roles. Including that game, Valdez only allowed two runs to the Phillies in the 17⅓ round with 28 hits. dominated.

“There are always things we can do better as an insult, but really, you just have to take credit for their staff,” Realmuto said. “Top to bottom, the best things we’ve seen this year from everyone we’ve encountered. There aren’t a lot of weaknesses in their crew and that’s why they’ve been so successful all season.”

It wasn’t just Valdez or Christian Javier. Loyals were Ryan Presley, Brian Abreu, Hector Neres and Rafael Monteiro, and they all came out of the Houston game by throwing them hard, hitting spots and taking advantage of exceptional gauntlet action behind them.

“I think it was a combination of several things, really,” Thompson said. “We went through a dry spell at the wrong time. And you have to take credit for their show. They put in a great show, and they really do. Congrats Houston on the World Championship. They’ve had a really good performance. They can beat you in a lot of different ways.”

That’s going to be painful for a while – for the players, for Thompson, for his coaches, for the front office that put this team together and the fan base that was the 27th man for all of October through November. Perhaps the feeling would be different if the Phils were swept away. But by winning Game 1 and crushing the Astros in Game 3, they quipped that they had one last push left, even against a juggernaut like these Astros.

In the end, the better team won. The Astros played all season in hopes of winning a championship. The Phillies had the same hopes, even on the dark days of May, but it never seemed like a realistic possibility until the 9th inning in St. Louis caught fire on October 7. It’s been a year since all those Phillies have passed since then.

“It’s an image in our minds and it will stay with us until we get there,” Hoskins said of watching the Astros party. “It stinks but we’ll use it as fuel.

“I don’t know if anyone thought we’d be here where we were. And as a general statement, we should be proud of what we were able to achieve even if we failed.”

Realmuto’s notes were similar.

“It didn’t end the way we wanted it to end, but I don’t want that to take away from how proud I am of this group, how much fun we had together and how much we had it together,” he said. “It’s a pity it didn’t end the way we wanted it to, but it was a good ride.”

Now the Velez is looking to the future. We are one month away from the Winter Meetings. Waiting for the offseason mission. Segura, Zach Eflin, Noah Syndergaard, Kyle Gibson, David Robertson and Brad Hand are free agents. The team’s salary schedule remains very high, as are the expectations that Velez will play in 2023.

“The first thing we touched on as a group when we got back here was that this is not something to hang your heads on,” Castellanos said. “This is a step forward to next year. Now everyone in this team has been here before, everyone has been in the playoffs before, including me. This is the deepest I’ve been in with a long shot.

“All those rookies we now have post-season experience – Alec Bohm, Bryson Stott, Brandon Marsh. Now Alvarado has been involved in the post-season, Ranger Suarez, Aaron Nola, Wheeler. There were a lot of gains from this tour and very positive movement. I said that if anyone had asked if we were going to be the best team in the National League, I don’t think a lot of people would have said yes. But that’s where we are. We just came to that.”

It will be interesting to see how this team is remembered once the sting subsides. Storyline over or not, it was truly one of the fiercest in Philly sports history.