2022 World Championships: Ben Verlander’s takeaway from Astros win in Game 6

HOUSTON – No team has won more playoffs than any team Astros. Now, no team has won this many World Championships either.

The best baseball team is officially in Houston – once again – as the Astros toppled Philadelphia PhyllisAnd the 4-1on Saturday to win the World Championship 2022. The win marks the second title in franchise history, after his crown in 2017. For the first time since 2013, MLB Champion is closed to his court.

Let’s have some Astros fast food 6 . game interval.

1. Jordan Alvarez take off

I don’t think this team is here without Alvarez. He might not have had the world championship we were expecting from him, but at this moment, everyone should have expected. Alvarez rose to the biggest occasion, and his home run has been a ball game. The Houston Astros won the World Championships on the racket of Yordan Alvarez. He had three runs at home in the sixth inning or later this postseason, tied with 2002 Troy Glass for more than one time in the postseason. Only one player has had this many home runs in his career – Carlos Correa.

By the way, I’ve never seen a ball hit a hitter’s eye here in Houston. The estimated distance to the grounds of Alvarez Stadium was 450 feet. I would say 550. It was mashed up. The stadium was shaking. It was crazy, the lights were going out. It was one of those moments where you remember where you were when it happened. That was special.

Alvarez crushes Homer the green light

Alvarez crushes Homer the green light

Jordan Alvarez crushes three home runs straight into the middle to give the Astros a 3-1 lead.

2. Framber Valdez dominate

There is an argument for winning the Player of the Year award. Two starts, two wins, again dominating here tonight, just as it was here in Game Two. Framber Valdez is not getting the love and respect he deserves because he is not the “ace” of this device. But Valdez is a star. I have risen to the biggest occasions.

In the past world championships, he didn’t have the best of it. He said he learned from those and will take it to this world championship. Two starts, two wins, and a massive, massive reason why we treat the Astros as world champions.

3. Jeremy Rock He wins the best player award

You can now tell that Jeremy Peña is a superstar, and there’s no doubt about that. He showed up when it mattered most in every match. He is the only rookie in the history of the World Championships to achieve great success in every game of the World Championships. You just constantly admire the player and the person that he is.

Carlos Correa was a superstar in this team and now Peña is stepping into his position and we haven’t even talked about Correa in the entire post-season. That’s how good Peña is, everyone believed in him, and now the world sees on the bigger stage that this guy is a star.

4. Dusty Baker delivers

The world championship title was the last thing on Becker’s checklist. It is indeed a Hall of Famer. He was a good player, he’s a great coach. He is the only person to have achieved 1800 results as a player and 1800 wins as a manager. Baker’s managerial debut was on April 6, 1993 against basics….. Saint Louis. St. Louis Ledof Hotter? Geronimo Rock, father of Jeremy Rock.

Whether you’re a fan of the Astros or not, you’re happy with Dusty Baker. He is a legendary player and manager. He is the only coach in history to have led five playoff teams, and has come close to winning in the past. You just have to be happy for a guy like Dusty Baker.

Dusty Becker talks about the Astros’ World Championship win

Dusty Becker talks about the Astros' World Championship win

Dusty Baker talks with Tom Verducci, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and David Ortiz about winning his first title.

5. Strain reinforced

This is a ruling dynasty, there is no doubt about that. Six consecutive ALCS appearances, which is a record. They needed this World Series to be a dynasty, but it’s really hard to understand that you’re in a dynasty while it’s happening. I don’t want to look back 10 years later and say, “The Houston Astros, they were a breed.” Let’s appreciate it now.

It’s very hard to win at baseball and to be consistent. The Astros were one of the last two majors in the MLS for six years in a row, in the World Championships for four of those years, and they’ve won it twice – with no fall in sight. This is a breed, probably the second in the 2000s.

The San Francisco GiantsI’ll consider them one or three titles in five years. I would argue that this Astros run was better than the Giants race because of the consistency. Now, one championship less. 90s Atlanta Braves They are the only team to have reached the Series Championship more times in a row than the Astros, and have won the World Series only once. But this Astros, I haven’t received any word other than dynasty.

Interview with Astros owner Jim Crane

Interview with Astros owner Jim Crane

Crane discusses the keys to Houston’s recent successes

6. Silencing critics?

I think the critics have been silenced for a while, but this officially silences them. You can’t argue with a win, that’s the ultimate win. There is nothing to be said anymore. This team has become a villain because of everything that happened in 2017, and they have adopted this sinister role. I saw him at the world championships.

You can’t argue with how good this team has been since 2017. It’s all gone now. You can’t go back to 2017 because their last tournament was tonight. I don’t care what the critics say. You can hate whatever you want in this team, but they feed them, and they’ll win another championship if you keep hating them.

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